New Jersey won a case that will change the way we see sports betting in the future. For the past 25 Years, it was only in Las Vegas you could go to a location to place a sports bet in the United States. The justice ruled 6-3 to allow New Jersey to allow sports betting. With this move, we will now see other States bring this issue to collect from all the taxes. Adam Silver the NBA Commissioner estimated around $2 Billion were placed on Sports Bets in the last year. With this legalization, there will be more people placing legal action on games than ever before. At bars, at sport games, in movie theatres.

With this time in a brand new booming Industry. A front leader in the path of Fantasy Sports is born, Digital Fantasy Sports (DFS).

DFS is not only the pioneers to the Daily Fantasy Space in the Cryptocurrency world, but they are also going to be the first to the space to build both; A Daily Fantasy Sports & Sports Betting Cryptocurrency Platform. Users around the world can place action. DFS is featuring their number one game, (BATTING ORDER BASEBALL) and are soon re-adding their upgraded Sports Book, (DFSPORTSBOOK) as well as their Daily Fantasy Format similar to the popular salary cap style on FanDuel and Draftkings.

DFS allows for Easy Pay, a way you can buy DFS Tokens with your Credit Card or PayPal. The games from there can be easily used for the DFS Arcade where you can win more Tokens. Right now DFS is on two exchanges where you can sell your tokens, with many more additions coming along the way.

Another way you will be able to purchase DFS is through BEAST DOME Fantasy Sports & Investment Advice led by Muntradamus who was featured in the New Yorker. Muntradamus will offer Daily Fantasy Sports teams to play on all platforms, as well as what teams he would invest in for any given game. NFL/NBA/MLB, Muntradamus and DFS is ready to take over the Sports Betting world by storm.

Soon they will expand on all sports reaching a global scale. DFSportsbook will be looking to host action for the World Cup.

Big things coming from Digital Fantasy Sports and the future starts now.


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