Sir Fantasy Drake’s Weekly Trip Around the NFL Week 16

Sir Fantasy Drake’s Weekly Trip Around the NFL Week 16

By: Sir Fantasy Drake

“…look for Willis McGahee to continue his resurgence in Denver and come up with a big game against his former team”

First off, I must say that it was nice to see the Packers lose, especially to a struggling team like the Chiefs. However I was a little disappointed to see the Colts end their run of imperfection. I mean after a decade of 12-win seasons and having one of the best QBs ever, Colts fans should have to suffer through a season like this, right? Well anyway onto my weekly trip around the NFL with a heavy dose of runningbacks…

After a tough loss for the “Tebows”, I like them to bounce back against a lowly Bills team that just gave up a whopping 203 rushing yards to Reggie Bush. Because after a loss his senior year at Florida, if I remember correctly… “You will never see any player, in the entire country, play as hard as I will play the rest of this season, and you will never see someone push the rest of the team as hard as I will push everybody”… So other than obviously starting Tebow this week, look for Willis McGahee to continue his resurgence in Denver and come up with a big game against his former team, and Lance Ball to also put up some decent fantasy numbers because of his increasing role in the offense.

As much as it pains me to say this, Cedric Benson is another guy who will have a good fantasy game this week. He has a great matchup at home against the Arizona Cardinals, who although they have been playing better recently, they just gave up 99 yards to Peyton Hillis, and a 7.2 YPC to Frank Gore the week before that. So clearly their rush defense is less than desirable. Also, Benson has become the workhorse that he never was in Chicago, he has 20+ carries each of the last 2 weeks, and either 90 yards or a TD in 4 of his last 5 games.

If you have been rolling so far with BenJarvus Green-Ellis, you may want to find another option this week. This week he gets the Miami Dolphins who have been the 4th best at stopping opposing runningbacks in terms of fantasy numbers. Also, BJGE has had 44 rushing yards or less in each of his last 4 games and 5 of his last 6. He has only been able to put up decent fantasy numbers because he has been getting TDs, but expect that hot streak to end with the Dolphins coming into town. On top of that, Green-Ellis continues to lose more and more carries to Stephan Ridley or Danny Woodhead, shown by his total of 21 carries the last three weeks.

Lastly I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce a new segment in my article where I talk about a controversial topic in the NFL that may or may not be related to fantasy. This week it’s Rex Ryan. In an interview this week, Rex said about his team’s matchup with the Giants this weekend that he doesn’t want to be “anyone’s little brother,” and that the Jets are “better” than the Giants.  I would hope every coach thinks this way, but that doesn’t mean they have to say it. I know this is his style to make a lot of noise during the week, and I understand that a lot of it is wanting to take attention away from his team’s downright awful showing against the Eagles last week, but this act really does get old. Rex providing all these sound bites used to be funny and get his team motivated, but it always loses its effect eventually, and people brush it off now instead of liking it the way they used to. Look, all coaches have an expiration date, but coaches who consistently use this tactic always go bad a little sooner. In baseball for example, Ozzie Guillen was the most notorious for this, and by the end of his run with the White Sox nothing he did mattered, they continued to lose. So maybe it’s time that Rex adjust his style if he wants to stick around for a while. Post comments and give your opinions on Rex Ryan and the New York Jets and good luck with your fantasy playoffs!

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-Sir Fantasy Drake is one of the Fantasy staff writers for  He resides in Chicago and has been a die hard Bears fan since birth.  He has also been playing Fantasy Sports since 5th grade.  You can ask questions to him, and any of our experts, for any fantasy advice by signing up on the forums or posting below.

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