It is the responsibility of the member to read and fully understand these rules and policies before participating in any games.


Rules of the Game

Last updated: 09/10/11 takes a nonrefundable Service Fee of 10% per head-to-head game.  For Franchise mode 19% from season pot.   And 15% per tournament.

All members will agree to participate in the match. Any rule claimed to be broken based on settings such as amount of time per quarter or period, cheating, can be considered invalid per review based on the amount of time played and score amongst other factors.

When you play the game you must use the gamertag or PSN associated with your profile. Failure to follow this rule may result in an unfavorable outcome for you should your match go to dispute.

Within 4 hours of playing the game one player needs to report the results back to the site. Once the first member reports the results of the match the other participant needs to verify or dispute those results within 2 hours.

Should a match go unreported within 4 hours of it’s completion, it will be considered null and void.

Should a reported score not be verified by all other participants within 2 hours of its posting, the score will be considered correct and the prize money will be awarded to the winner.


Absolutely No Cheating

Violating the rules is considered cheating and can result in a loss. If a player proves a rule to be broken by their opponent at any point during a drive, the opponent who cheated will be penalized -7 points on that drive regardless of the outcome.  You cannot lose more than 7 points on a drive.  Though violating rules consistently during a game will result in an automatic loss.  The player that broke the rule will also be given a dispute on their record and will be reprimanded at our discretion and accordingly. All of our games have set rules. If any of these rules are broken it results in an automatic forfeit or loss of points.



Disputes can only be initiated when reporting the results of a match. If someone reports the wrong results or claims a win in a tournament that they had broken the set rules you want to file your dispute supplying as much correspondence and evidence as possible. Any dispute filed without evidence will be considered a false claim. If you claim your opponent cheated without providing evidence you will lose the dispute and it can result in a fine. All disputes will be resolved within 72 hours. All decisions rendered by the staff are binding. If you would like to have your case reconsidered you MUST provide indisputable evidence of your claim. If a person files three false disputes they may be banned from further play pending an investigation. Should an investigation for a tournament match prove that a posted score or claimed results were incorrect and that the player intentionally reported a false score it can result in a loss, they may be immediately banned from further play, and they may forfeit all monies currently tied up in matches. If no true winner is established after a full on investigation, the match is deemed to be a “wash or unresolved,” and the players will get their monies refunded to them, minus the Service Fee.


Saving Your EA highlights

EA has a feature that allows users to save highlights for matches without having to record or take photos of the match themselves. Below is a video tutorial on how to save your EA highlights. This makes it very easy to prove any broken rule for most EA games.



We know that disconnections are not uncommon during online video game play. Since the Service Fee is nonrefundable, strongly encourages gamers to finish their game in the event of a disconnection, by starting a new game, adding the score of the game prior to disconnection to the end of the remaining time played, playing out the remaining time, and recreating the circumstance at the point of disconnection as best as possible. For example if a game disconnects in Madden with a score of 10-3 and the player with 10 points having the ball at his own 23 yard line with 6 minutes left in the game, send a challenge for either 6 minute quarters or 3 minute quarters to allow the 2 minute warning to be a part of the remaining time, at the coin toss have the player with 10 points receive the ball and return it to around the 23 yard line.  Once the remaining time has been completed exit the match and add the scores together of the two partial matches. Whoever has the most points with the combined matches wins the tournament. If a disconnected game can not be completed because of power failure, a disc that no longer works, equipment failure, it may result in a forfeiture of remaining time or the match going unresolved depending on the score and time left at the point of disconnection. If a player is losing and the game disconnects on their end, if the score at the point of disconnection is deemed substantial enough that playing the remaining time out is unnecessary or that their opponent can not be held responsible for setting a second time to finish the game, it will result in a forfeiture of the remaining time. This will be a determination made revolving around time left to be played and score.


Chat and Forum Rules

No abusive, hate, or extremely profane language will be tolerated in the chat rooms, messaging system and forums. Discussion of unlawful and illegal activities is also strictly forbidden. The messaging systems are monitored and will be censored at our discretion. Violations of this policy can result in the revoking of the membership and/or fines against your account balance.


“Game Settings”

  1. Ranked Match
  2. No Custom Playbooks.  Must use the playbook on that team.
  3. Lowest Ranked Team in the game is the home team.
  4. Position for Position subs only(Players must be subbed in their positional category). Example: defensive backs for defensive backs, running backs for running backs) The only exceptions to the rule is TEs and RBs can be subbed for WRs and DEs and OLBs can be subbed for each other. Package and Formation subs are legal. The position for position sub rule is only enforceable if the game is exited immediately and the proof provided show the player illegally subbed in the depth chart on on the field playing. If the game is played past the claimed point of a player being subbed illegally that claim will be considered invalid.
  5. No blocking kicks or punts. If a FG or PAT is blocked those points count toward the final score.
  6. No faking Punts or Field Goals. If the ball is turned over the rule is void.
  7. No onside kick until the 4th quarter and losing
  8. No Manually blitzing the A or B gaps. You cannot place a player in the gap and run through the line at the snap of the ball. If you are 2 yards or more off the line of scrimmage at the snap it will be considered legal.
  9. You may not call a timeout to avoid a challenge, doing so results in an automatic loss.
  10. Rocket Catching is illegal.  If you rocket catch all points scored on that drive will automatically be deducted.


Important As Madden 12 is a new title and not all the glitches have been documented reserves the right to add any rule up to the moment of any The Arena, Season, or Tournament game begins and treat any abuse of the games new glitches as a broken rule.

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