Pitching Strategy for point based Fantasy Leagues




By Nick Wallace


Most of you run a fantasy league based on points which is also H-2-H. 10 total Standings points, 5 pitching and 5 batting. This strategy here is to help you win each week by winning 6 points or more. The normal points for batting are: Runs, HR, RBI, SB, AVG and for pitching: Win, Saves, K, ERA and WHIP.

The strategy I am going to discuss here was used against me last season and was the only way they could beat me. After looking at how they did it, it was pretty ingenious. The strategy here is to have backup SP for your 2 aces along with the closers for those teams. In NFL terms it is a lot like the QB/K combo that Muntradamus likes to use.

Here is an example of how it is done.

Max Scherzer is my Ace and he plays for WAS. I also have Papelbon as my closer and he also plays for WAS. The trick here is to pickup another WAS SP who is decent. For me I have picked up Joe Ross. On some occasions if I am facing good pitching you will want to rotate and after Joe Ross pitches, then you drop him and pickup another WAS pitcher, or just trade for Gio Gonzalez.

You do this with your 2 aces and 2 closers (Your closers should at least be on the same teams as your aces). What this does is pairs you up for a knockout blow. If your ace has a good day, then you’re almost guaranteed a Save. You also have high K’s and a good ERA and WHIP. You can then follow that with the other pitcher on the team and this is the 2nd knockout. This of course is typical, but not always the case. If all goes well, then you’re looking at winning 4 out of 5 points for pitching. You might even win all 5 if they have high K’s. This will actually help you in batting as you only now need to win 1-3 points in batting which can be easily accomplished from great waiver claims. You do not need super bats to accomplish this, you just need to make sure you start the trending up batters and let them do the work.

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