By Muntradamus


I remember it like it was yesterday. I was a Sophmore at the University of Arizona guarding Nick Foles in a pickup basketball game. Foles catches the ball in the paint due to the lack of my good positioning, the pass comes in, and Foles dunks the ball knocking me to the floor.

12 Years later, I am writing an article about him and his future with the Chicago Bears. As always, Trust the Process.


“Big Dick Nick”, whatever you wanted to call him during his impeccable Super Bowl run where he knocked off the New England Patriots after replacing Carson Wentz. Foles career has been on a downward slope, and quick. He went to Jacksonville which actually had a good group of WRs, but health and another popular Napolean Dynamite star alias in Uncle Rico, I mean Gardner Minshew took the position and ran with it.

The Jaguars did not want a QB competition and happily traded him to the Chicago Bears where he will be reunited with ex-Offensive Coordinator in Matt Nagy. Yes, Foles spent a year with the Chiefs the year before Patrick Mahomes re-wrote KC history. He also was the Rams QB the year before Jared Goff came into town. Now Foles goes to a Bears squad where he will be in another QB competition, this time with one of the worst starting QBs in the NFL, Mitch Trubisky.

It is too early to predict how Foles will do if he wins the starting spot as Free Agency is not complete, nor the NFL Draft. However it is hard to imagine Foles being the “BIG DICK NICK” he once was. The Bears still have Allen Robinson who may be the most talented WR in the NFL and was an easy sleeper grab for a majority of the BEAST DOME NATION in 2019 Draft Strategy. Robinson was able to put up solid numbers at 1,150 receiving yards to go with 7 TDs and nearly 100 receptions. Outside of Robinson, the Bears offense lacks talent in the passing game. Jimmy Graham, the big offseason move, is a slow motion version of himself, and the rest of the WR core from Anthony Miller to Cord Patterson would likely find themselves riding the bench of nearly every team.

So while Foles has ways to go before he would be considered a Fantasy QB ever again, especially in Chicago unless they do anything drastic between now and the start of the season. What is more amazing is Nick Foles who has never completed a full season as a starting QB finds himself at 31 years old on his 5th team and $32 million in his bank account to show for it.

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