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(Matt Bracket)


By Matthew L. Lofton


MATT’S RECORD (34-25-3)


If you are a Kansas fan (or you do not like Kentucky) and you are looking for a, “Kansas will win and here is why,” this article is not for you.  I had my doubts about Kentucky like everyone else, but I think Vanderbilt’s win in the SEC Tournament Finals squashed any chance anyone else had. It was the Cats wake up call.

Here are reasons Kansas could win:

Bill Self is a better coach than John Calipari.  Calipari is the best recruiter in the nation, I do not even think that is debatable. But all you need to know is look how Bill Self absolutely dominated the second half of the regional final between Kansas and North Carolina. A triangle and 2 junk defense completely threw off the Tar Heels. The second is a big deficit does not phase Kansas. If UK gets up 10 and thinks it could cruise to victory like against Louisville, the Wildcats have another thing coming. And finally, all the pressure is on Kentucky, No one is expecting Kansas to win.

But Kentucky will win:

If Kentucky was going to show wear and tear and could not handle the pressure, it would be against Louisville when the Cardinals tied it up at 49. The Wildcats dug in and finished the game on a 20-12 run. If it is not one player, it is another. Kentucky has shown it can beat great teams by outscoring them (Indiana) and playing a defensive slug fest.

Kansas’ must have stellar ball movement and get Anthony Davis away from the rim. When Louisville tied it up, the Cardinals inexplicably stopped moving the ball around, and could not get off good shots because Louisville had to be constantly concerned about the shot blockers for UK. Kansas cannot go on a scoring drought like it did at the beginning of the Ohio State game. And add insult to injury, the path to the title game has been quite generous to Kansas. With who is on the floor, this is the best team KU has faced since the regular season and it actually is not very close.

All this equates to betting on Kentucky beating Kansas and covering the 9.5 spread. As a bonus, take the under at 141. I do not see both teams getting into the 70s.


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