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A new segment I am introducing today. I will take over a team and fix their problems, today we analyze the 12-14 Houston Rockets. No reason this team should not be among the top fighting for a potential Championship when it is all said and done.

Next episode will come out Monday morning for the Lions vs. Saints game.



The 2015-16 Houston Rockets have been nothing short of a joke this season,

Kevin McHale was inexplicably fired and replaced by Bernie Bickerstaff who has zero control of his team.

Dwight Howard is turning back the clock to his diva days crying about being unhappy.
$12.4 Million goes to waste with 28 year old Ty Lawson playing 12 minutes a game off the bench.
James Harden’s Defense can’t lock down a Kardashian.

Currently sitting in the 7th seed of the West with a 12-14 record. Houston you have a problem

First thing to turn this team into a Championship contender. Start Ty Lawson at PG and actually enforce that Ty brings the ball up the court instead of James Harden.
This will save energy for James Harden so he can play a little more defense or at the very least keep him fresh for later in the season, and late in 4th quarters.
Ty has the ability to drive and dish which will set up a lot of wide open looks and get everyone involved. He also will be able to get the ball to Dwight in good positions to score the ball with ease. When Harden dribbles down the court and shoots without passing, the whole team losses a little bit of chemistry, which results in forced shots from teammate who think they have to shoot the ball when they touch it, or they will never see it again.

Also they have to get Terrance Jones back in the starting lineup. Jones is one of the most athletic Power Forwards in the league and he opens up the entire court on offense. If Harden keeps allowing players drive past him, Jones can make up for it with his ability to protect the rim while allowing Dwight the ability to still protect the paint.

For the 2nd unit it is important to get Corey Brewer starters minutes. The guy is a straight up energy machine who creates a lot of turnovers and transition basketball. Having him play with a series of James Harden and Defenders like Cappela and Beverly while Dwight and TY sit, then bringing Ty and Dwight back in to run some two man game will result in instant offense and free flow chemistry.

The Rockets are easily one of the deepest teams in the league, and their problem is they are not playing like a team. Use TY Lawson like the PG he is supposed to be, and you will good chemistry on offense, which will result in Championship Defense.

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