By Muntradamus


For the history of everyone who has ever read my articles, you will know that I have never once written an article where I made a College Sports prediction. I never showed a bracket, I never picked a college basketball or football game. The reason why I have never done such a thing, is because anyone who pretends like they know College sports are flat-out lying to you. How do I know this? Let us dive in.

College athletes are 18-22 years old most likely, the stars are closer to 18 as they are likely going to be playing pro after one or two years in college. I don’t know if you have ever been a teenage boy, but let us just say, you do not handle life well. College athletes can be affected by things off the court very easily, not only that, this is the first time they are on such a grand stage where they are on television for the public to see, and the public to wager on. To think, oh it is just another game, that talk is nonsense. College Athletes also get paid no money, so to think they would not do shady things for money like possibly throwing games, you are kidding yourself.

Consistency is also a huge problem with College athletes. You know the NBA stars like Ja Morant and Jayson Tatum are going to be putting up big games no matter what. Even in the midst of controversy, Ja Morant was still putting up huge numbers like nothing bothered him. College athletes can crumble the second anything goes wrong. Let’s also face facts, Gen Z is the girliest male population of “men” we have ever experienced. No longer do you have a Carmelo Anthony out of Syracuse who came out of College a basically full-grown man. Now you got a generation of softies who have lost that “TOUGH” mentality that is just rare to see. Look at Kris Murray, a potential Lottery pick who is the star for Iowa Basketball, Junior. He averaged 20.2 points per game on the season, in 30 games he scored 20 points or more in a game only 15 times. That is not consistency, that is the law of averages. He scored a season-low 5 points in one game, and on the big stage of March Madness he went 5-18 (27%) on Field Goal attempts as his team lost. So anyone who was like IOWA is definitely going to win because they got superstar Kris Murray, you obviously did not factor in the X-Factor that these College kids are not clutch or reliable.

A big reason I do not waste my time with College sports is the talent level is just so below average. You can have a College Football superstar, turn into an absolute nothing the second they go pro. The list goes on and on and on and on, which is why you hardly ever see me tout a Rookie after I learned my lesson in 2014 with Montee Ball. Granted Montee turned into an alcoholic the second he went pro and even showed up to practice drunk. I did rebound and the last Rookie I touted as a Must-Draft was Mike Evans in 2015, rest is history for him. However you see every Sheep Expert from the Sun to the Moon, year after year, hype up Clyde Edwards Helaire/Darrell Henderson/James Cook, and more. Where’s Matthew Berry now saying Jalen Tolbert on the Cowboys was a good 9th Round Pick last season? Just because College athletes are dominating Communication Majors on a Saturday, does not mean they can run through multi-millionaire Pro Football players on a Sunday.

The last reason I do not waste my time watching College Sports is because players change the second they go pro. Look at Jarrett Culver, when he was making his NCAA run with Texas Tech a few years ago, he was the man on the team. The second he goes to the NBA, he is afraid to make plays and now he finds himself in the G-League. Granted he is finally manning up and starting to play with some fire, there is still a reason not to be obsessed with these guys thinking they are going to translate to superstar right out of the gate. For all the people who invested in Carsen Edwards Rookie Cards from the Celtics, RIP to the bank account.

With that being said. If you enjoy College Sports, I have nothing against that. ENJOY IT! However if you are trying to be a savant and make money in College Sports, or at least sell your services as a College Sports Expert, you are simply a Fraud. I guarantee you every “College Basketball Expert” already has their bracket busted. If they do not, they should be showing it off like Moses with the 10 Commandments that were written in stone. However, if they did so great in March Madness this year, (obviously still a lot of time left), they need to back it up another year, and another year, and another year.

The only advice I give is for MLB/NBA/NFL because I specialize in those sports and I study all the players, and I am willing to put my neck on the line because I am confident in my research. In College Sports, you have a whole new crop of players every single year for more teams than anyone can ever follow. So until someone shows a long history of being a savant in College Sports, just know, they are a fraud.

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