Letter to Matt

This is my life.

This is my Job.

Starting at 4pm PST when I watch the games through 10pm PST.

Then I goto the gym and play basketball, then I do my Fantasy Research all night falling asleep at 4am.

I wake up at 11am. (PST)

I tweak my lineups from the night before in case of injuries, I get my food for the day, when I have clients, I send them my picks.

I am seasonal with my clients depending on my state of mind. I only want them when I want to help them more than I want to help myself.

But right now since 2.6.17 when I posted this on Instagram, I have declined clients.

My Dream was to win a Qualifier seat for NBA #12 total

You may think I am kidding, but I dedicate my life and hang my hat on getting Qualifiers.

They are my spiritual quests.

On top of that, I am about to e-mail all my audience and get them pumped up to signup for Baseball, as well as get EARLY BEAST packages for NFL. As well as tell them I giving NBA lineups again.

I want to tell them, I did it. I qualified for #12!

The amount of business I get when I hit a Qualifier is what makes or breaks me.

Right now I feel broken.

If you see how 2017 has gone for me as far as DK results, it’s probably worst at FanDuel.

I need this Qualifier so badly in my life right now.

Not only for business but personal joy, it is my dream to hit these Qs.

This past Saturday Night and every Saturday Night…

I spent at home doing projections for this Sunday.

I spent all of Sunday, laying in my room watching Basketball from 2pm till end of Lakers game.

This consumes my life. I love it, but it means everything to me.

RexG and his entries in that tournament should have been refunded as he was ineligible to play.

Once you qualify for your 3rd seat you are not even allowed to enter another contest.

It is like Shaq playing in a pee wee 13 year old league. He was not even supposed to be allowed in the gym.

Adding the literature you did the next day is just purely to get me eliminated from that seat.

I do not care how it was stated in other tournaments, that tournament did not have the literature that was added the next day.

PLEASE JUST TELL REXG that after talks with the legal team.

We have to refund you your entry fees from that tournament, and strip all prizes as you were ineligible.

But Hey, you have 3 Championship Seats!

These are my spiritual Quests

and it does mean something to me that my 12th Champ Q seat happened in Qualifier #21

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