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Yes that is right, a Fantasy Golf article by Muntradamus. Our Fantasy Golf Expert James Dalthorp III is on a mission to become a professional golfer. BEAST DOME has sponsored him on his journey, and many thanks to people like you who are signing up for the PRESEASON BEAST to make his dream come true. For those of you who do not know, James Dalthorp III was on his way to becoming a professional golfer where he played at ASU with Rickie Fowler. Due to Lyme disease which occurred to JD3 while playing golf, he has been on the road to recovery.

With that being said, his road is now leading him to playing in his first tournament in early August. James will bless with articles here and there, but for now his heart is at being a pro golfer.


Three golfers I like this week that a lot of people are sleeping on. I have been watching Golf since its return as if it were MLB/NBA/NFL. Starting to get to know all these guys, new fresh perspective and I am loving the game.


Only Bryson DeChambeau has been a better golfer than Armour in the last month. Ryan was making cuts, he finished 4th and 6th place in back-2-back weeks. Then hit a tough break not making the cut during the Charity contest. Same course the following week, Armour would have made the cut and had a Top 20 score, but he sat out the Memorial to get ready to dominate an easy field. Armour should not have any problem making the cut, from there he is a candidate to make his way up the leaderboard.


With the field not looking strong this week, Thompson has an opportunity to remind the golf world that he was one of the best golfers, once golf resumed, through the first two tournaments. Thompson took a good mental vacation this week and even gained some confidence knowing his +1 at the Charity where he did not make the cut, would have been a Top 15 Finish had it played out in the Memorial on the same course. Thompson is hot, the golf course they are playing on is not tricky. Thompson should make the cut at the end of the day, and a chance to play in the afternoon on Sunday.


Rock-solid golf, that is what Zhang has been doing since his return. He is not wowing people on the scoreboard, he is consistently hitting anywhere from +1 to -1 in his last four tournaments, consistently every round. Never one of those 1 INN/5 ER type of starts for a pitcher if we were comparing this to baseball. Consistent 6 INN/2 ER/4 Ks.

Three of those tournaments he did not make the cut, last week he ended up finishing Tied in 10th. Zhang has all the confidence in the world and now goes against an easy field, all he has to do is play rock-solid golf and those birdies will come by the boatload.


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