FANTASY FOOTBALL Tyler HigBust (Tyler Higbee)


Tyler HigBust (Tyler Higbee)

By Muntradamus


As a kid we are all taught never to judge a book by its cover. That same analogy I use today to never judge a Fantasy Player by his box score. A box score only tells so little of the picture. Did the player breakout because coverage rolled to leave him open? Did someone else get injured during the game that opened up playing time?

When you look at Tyler Higbee’s stat line to close the season, it is nearly impossible not to be excited.

Those numbers are filthy, but once again numbers do not tell the full picture.

The Rams season was just about done when Higbee started his breakout campaign. Most important factor was Gerald Everett got injured. Before Everett went down, Higbee’s numbers were Waiver Wire Quality.

Despite this obvious, when Everett is healthy you cannot trust Tyler Higbee in Fantasy Football. The Sheep are going all in ranking him as a Top 10 TE this season. FantasyPros ECR is #8 overall. Some experts are so bold to say that Higbee will be the #3 TE in Fantasy Football. Let us go deeper than the obvious and explain why their logic is not going to work.


Everett is back and Higbee has shown zero consistency when those two share the field. Yes, Gerald was able to return the last two games after being injured, however at that point the Rams were eliminated and Highbee was the one was getting all the practice reps. With Gerald healthy heading into the season, both TEs will share the field. Gerald has put up better numbers than Higbee up until this random breakout to close the season. Even in a 2 TE offense, the consistency will drive you nuts especially when they call for a Gerald bubble screen he rumbles for a HUGE play!


Brandin Cooks is gone. The half blind ones will call out instantly that means more targets will goto Highbee. That is not what is important, and that also is not guaranteed. The reason this is big, is because safties do not need to play 20 yards back to make sure Cooks does not change the game with a deep TD. Now those safties can crawl a little bit closer towards that line of scrimmage. Woods/Kupp/Reynolds, those guys are more catch in traffic type of WRs than game-breaking speed. Lots of bodies in the same area, offense is going to be a bit messy and then you always have to worry about Everett being the TE the play is designed for.

Do not forget last season Cooks missed games, Kupp missed games, Everett missed games, even Woods missed a couple games. The Rams were not healthy and Tyler was one of the last man standing in the offense. Now everyone is back to full strength and the consistency for Tyler Highbee is not worth drafting. Not as a Top 10 TE. Not as a Top 15. Tyler is going to ride your bench if you draft him by Week 3. He will be on all Waiver Wires by Week 5.



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