By Muntradamus


First Round of the NFL Draft, the Eagles selected Jalen Reagor who has Tyreke Hill type of speed. Learning from Desean Jackson, Reagor should be able to be a Fantasy Threat in the year or so once D-Jax is no longer with the team. Next Round the Eagles shocked everyone by selecting another Jalen. This one is a QB, and this one is good in Jalen Hurts.

Jalen Hurts went to Oklahoma and it does not take long to realize this is a knock off version of Kyler Murray. Hurts runs more like Dwayne Haskins, but his game of being not a big QB reminds you of Klyer Murray. Hurts is definitely bigger than Kyler Murray in size, but his arm strength falls well short of Kyler’s. First thing that went through all Eagles fans is why?

First the Eagles cannot afford a Carson Wentz injury with no backup. Wentz has not been a clean bill of health through his career and his days of being compared to Ben Roethlisberger seem to be over by now. What is surprising though is Wentz is signed through 2024. There is no way Hurts came into the NFL to be a backup QB in case something happens to Wentz for the next four years. The Eagles also did not open up their checkbooks to $100+ Million to a QB in Wentz to sit on the sideline.

Still Eagles fans cannot figure out why they drafted Jalen Hurts. You can always find a good backup QB in Free Agency like Cam Newton, by the time Hurts is ready to be a contributing QB, he will likely be on a different team. This is Carson Wentz’ team, and the Eagles are built to win now and not rebuild. They won a Super Bowl a few years ago, they are consistently in the playoffs and have a winning program.

In the end. The Truth Hurts. The truth is, the Eagles burned a 2nd Round Draft Pick on a QB to ride the bench who may never start a game. If Eagles fans are depending on the Eagles to trade Wentz to another team, it is highly doubtful anyone will take on such a large contract from a QB that is really not the reason the Eagles are a winning football team to begin with. Take away all his talent around him, Wentz is nothing more but a smart chain mover at best. The numbers may look great for Wentz, but a combined 16-13 record in the last two seasons is the type of QB he is now, after the knee surgery.


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