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There comes a time for every player that his season goes down. Almost like a stock, you have to know when to Buy Low and Sell High. To get my Buy Low Articles you have to be part of Season BEAST. Read below how to get Season BEAST Free!

However this is not the BUY LOW. This is the SELL HIGH. An article that will be Free for the BEAST DOME NATION all season long.




Last week I had him as my BUST of the Week. Put a little caveat on there that two rushing TDs would have to save his day, otherwise, it would look ugly. Good news for his fantasy owners he got those two rushing TDs. Matchups are only going to get tougher for the Patriots, and while Cam should run like a BEAST all year. This is when he will look his best before all the hits pile up.


Bridgewater had a decent game on Sunday with 270+ Passing Yards and a TD. However keep in mind that a 75 yard TD to Robby Anderson completely saved his day. It was also on a play where the Raiders were confused creating a penalty and making it a free play for Bridge, who hit a deep Robby Anderson on Busted coverage. The fact Bridgewater has any value, trade him.


Allen fumbled twice in the redzone. He threw balls over wide open WRs. Yes, Allen did have a great fantasy day. However he left a lot on the table and really looked like he would fail if he had to go up against a good defense.



Slayton kicked off his season with 2 TDs. The only 2 TDs the Giants scored against the Steelers. Truth is, that will likely never happen again where Slayton gets 100% of the Giants TDs. While the Giants may score 3 or 4 TDs in a game, you have to figure Saquon will always be involved to steal a TD. Then there are 2 or 3 TDs to go around to Shepard/Engram/Slayton and you cannot forget about Jones’ favorite target in Golden Tate who did not even play in this one.

If you got Slayton, sell him now while he has value. Guaranteed by Week 8 he wont even be relative to talk about.


Chark had 3 catches for 25 yards and a TD. I do not know what is worst about that situation. The fact he only had 3 catches in a game where the Jaguars were trailing for most of it, or the fact that Minshew spread the ball out to all of his weapons included Keelan Cole who had a better game than Chark. Jaguars have a ton of weapons, Chark is not going to be consistently. Small TD saved his day, but this is not what you want to see from a 4th or 5th Round Pick on Draft Day. Trade him now while he still has value.


SAMMMYYYY the BEAST DOME NATION loving their boy who they stole in the deep late rounds of the Draft. However what we saw on TNF last week was all we needed from him. Time to move Watkins who is on a star Chiefs roster that will see new players emerge every week. Hardman will have some good games, Robinson will steal some TDs, dropped one. Hill will be more heavily featured etc. While I would not sell Watkins cheap by any means, if you can get a consistent reliable WR2 I would make that upgreade. Someone like AJ Green (if you read this far that one is free) who is the featured WR to steal in the Trade Market. Which you can get below for Free.





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