By Muntradamus


What could you do with $72 Million.

You can buy homes around the world, you can feed a 3rd World Country for generations, you can also purchase the contract of Brock Osweiler. In 2016, that is exactly what the Houston Texans did. After Brock was the worst thing to happen to Houston, it resulted in Deshaun Watson as their now Franchise QB. Just a reminder that you have no idea how life is going to turn out, just roll with the flow work your hardest and hope for the best.

Two years later, Brock who finds himself part of the 1% is now part of the Miami Dolphins. Was a backup, but then a very odd situation with Ryan Tannehill has now propelled Brock into the starting QB role. Since taking over, the Dolphins have continued to look like a team that somehow has a winning record, but it makes no sense how. With Brock coming back to Houston on Prime Time TV, it is time for the Texans to get their money back and make something happen.

The Dolphins have to attack the Texans through the air. If the Dolphins want to run the ball on JJ Watt and that Front 7, it is going to be a long day of no gains and punting the ball. Speaking of which, why in the world is Frank Gore taking so many plays away from Kenyan Drake. If Drake was on a team like the Patriots instead of Sony Michel, we would be talking MVP for Drake. Instead, Drake is 2nd on the depth chart behind Frank Gore who is really not explosive, but he does get the job done in picking up chunk of yards everytime he touches the ball. Expect Gore to be a non-factor in this one as it is up to Drake to be the X-Factor out of the backfield.

But we already established Brock has to throw the ball, and with no Stills or Albert Wilson, (Who won me $20K in the DK Championship 2016 when he was with the Chiefs on a fake Punt that he ran for a 51 Yard TD) look for Danny Amendola who has quietly put together a strong season and if he continues what he is doing, he could end up with the most receptions since his days in ST. Louis with Sam Bradford as his QB. Wow that feels like forever ago. DeVante Parker will be interesting to watch, but the deep ball is not what makes Brock, Brock this season. Brock has done a great job hitting those short passes and putting nice touch on it. Even under pressure Brock has put nice touch on the ball and if the Dolphins are going to have success, it is going to be because of Brock’s ability to move the chains through short passes.

The Texans who struggled for a majority of the season running the football may have finally figured out how to start blocking. Lamar Miller is turning into a BEAST (BEAST DOME DRAFT GUIDE 4th Round Pick). So far Lamar Miller has been a BUST more or less, but the season is still less than half way done and a big 2nd Half can put him with more total yards than he has last season. Not saying that is a lot, but Lamar looks way better than he did previous in his career as he has put on a lot of strength. Lucky for him, the Dolphins Run D has become garbage. Outside of Kiko Alonso, the Run Defense does not penetrate at all in the middle and you can tell they miss Suh more than they could ever say. With the Texans able to run the ball welll, the star safties in Fitzpatrick and Reshead Jones have to step into the box. If those safties step into the box, DeAndre Hopkins and Will Fuller will burn those corners one on one. BURN. Deshaun Watson last season put up some monster games. He threw for 16 TDs in 4 games before he got injured last year, this year Watson has yet to throw for 3 TDs in a game. That all changes this Thursday Night.

With the Texans scoring polnts at will against this horrible Dolphins D, and the Texans Pass Rush going full throttle knowing that the Dolphins will be throwing the ball in comeback mode. The Texans will flat out BEAST this game.




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