By Muntradamus


Can the NFL continue to pick worst primetime matchups? Off the top of my head, we have had one exciting Primetime game all season when the Packers and Eagles matched up. Tonight we have ourselves another blowout game.

Yes Case Keenum returns to Minnesota, a team he took to the NFC Championship only to say, let us get Kirk Cousins. Yes Kirk Cousins is going up against his former team in Washington, under coach Gruden where he actually had Sean McVay as his Offensive Coordinator. McVay really helped lead Kirk Cousins to the big pay day he got now.

Enough with these interesting narratives, although that is the most interesting part about this game. We got ourselves a Vikings victory easy and here is why. Did I mention Adrian Peterson returning to Minnesota?

The Vikings Defense is going to make life very tough for the Redskins. Scary Terry will have trouble against the superstar Xavier Rhodes, and the rest of the Redskins WR core will have trouble against the top NFC Secondary. Well Top on paper, last week Stafford tore up this squad. Let us remember, Case Keenum is not Matthew Stafford. With Case having nobody truly exciting to throw the ball to, look for Adrian Peterson to run the ball with a high ankle sprain. He will not be effective in that situation, and if the Redskins are relying on Wendell Smallwood on Primetime TV in Minnesota, you can turn off the game already.

The Vikings offense will be without I got a Thielen, however they have enough in Dalvin Cook. Yes the Redskins Run Defense is vastly underrated and maybe the best run D in the NFC East, but Dalvin Cook in a dome is as good as locked up for a great performance. With Dalvin Cook running well, and Josh Norman maybe on the field to guard Diggs, either way Diggs will put the burners on. Kirk does not actually have many more weapons outside of Stefon Diggs. Regardless they are all talented enough to get open and Kirk is doing a good job seeing the field.

So why is this game going to be a blowout? Because the Redskins offense is so garbage that if the Vikings can put up over 20 Points, they will win this game easily. The Vikings Defense is supposed to be the best Defense in the NFC. They have not showed it this year, but you can guarantee they will perform on the bright lights of Primetime Thursday Night Football, at home.



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