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The Chiefs and Chargers are just two of the Playoff worthy teams in a crowded AFC West. Patrick Mahomes proved to the Football world very quickly that he does not need Tyreek Hill in order to be a successful QB in the league. In fact you can argue that Mahomes is even more dangerous since there is no true #1 option, besides Kelce. Kelce should see a lot of Derwin James on TNF, but Kelce just made Buddah Baker his bitch doing whatever he wanted against him on Sunday. With no true #1, the Chargers have to guard every option. The Chiefs added a lot of talent at WR making their too many options to cover. Mahomes finds open weapons every time, with no preference on who it is. He does not need to make any diva WRs happy, Mahomes just has to put up numbers and he loves it.

The Chargers Pass Rush is lethal this season and no Expert Ranked the Chargers D higher this season at #2 than myself. The consensus was #14. While this week is a week to look the other way at this unit in Fantasy, the truth is this defensive line is good enough to take this team to the Super Bowl. The Chiefs are prepared for this matchup with a great offensive line themselves. That and the ability to go in Shotgun and find quick mismatches.

If the Chargers bring heat, Mahomes will pick them apart. If the Chargers fall back into coverage, Mahomes will pick them apart. If the Chargers were at home on a normal Sunday, their Defense can stand a chance at stopping this Chiefs offense. In Arrowhead on Thursday Night Football, as your Brooklyn Pizza guy would say, Fuggettt about it.

The Chargers offense is feeling good after a 1-0 start, and two TDs. However should they be feeling good? Keenan Allen was instrumental in their lone drive down the field for a TD. Other TD came off of a quick turnover, next pass perfect strike to Mr. DeAndre Carter. Other than that, Keenan Allen is injured, Austin Ekeler did not look special last week, and Mike Williams has yet to be involved. Now they go into Kansas City and expect everything to be fine?

I will give credit to Justin Herbert where credit is due. He is the next Josh Allen of the NFL. His ability to run if he needs to is just a bonus for how big and strong, and accurate of an arm this kid has. When Keenan Allen was out last week, Herbert was making it work with every scrub in the book, besides Ekeler and Mike Williams. The big difference between that scenario and this scenario, is the Chiefs Defense is a lot more physical than the Raiders D. Actually the biggest difference between that scenario last week and tonight, it is on the road in a very loud environment against a defense that has guys who were in the Super Bowl a couple years ago. Austin Ekeler will have trouble finding space on the ground, Herbert is going to be feeling intensity all game.

The Chiefs offense should have no problem driving down the field. The Chargers offense is going to have a battle on their hand all game. In the end, Mahomes is still the king of the AFC West, and this is a matchup at home he needs to show up in order to prove that. His confidence is at an All-Time High, and even though the matchup is not beautiful on paper, there just may be no stopping Mahomes at all this season.



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