By Muntradamus


The Patriots are a team looking for an answer at QB (Tim Boyle). Right now they have Bailey Zappe, and right now he is getting the Zach Wilson treatment of being able to do nothing game after game after game, yet still getting a start. Last week the Patriots did not even score a point. The only reason the Patriots are here with Zappe is because Mac Jones has been a turnover machine and has so many… believe he made that throw, moments. The same feeling I had when Tim Boyle lofted that INT to the Falcons before being benched.

Still mad about that situation. The Jets were going 3 and out every game nearly every drive with Zach Wilson, in fact when was the last time they even had a lead with Zach Wilson?? Jets were up 2-0 (Dalvin Cook fumbled leading to Jets falling behind)…Boyle led them down the field consistently; he was on pace to have 200+ Yards in the rain easily, which would be a miracle for a Jets QB this season. He missed Garrett on a couple of plays, only because he was afraid to throw the deep ball (which resulted into 2 FGs). He regrets not throwing it, but to act like Zach Wilson was playing perfect Football is a joke, Boyle had more 10+ Play drives with the Jets in those 1.5 games than Zach Wilson has had all season. Enjoy the fumbles and INTs and horrible sacks New York. I digress.

This is Bailey Zappe’s last chance to prove he can be a QB in the NFL, and this is not an easy matchup to do it. On the road against Pittsburgh, no thank you. I am not going to lie, Zappe actually did not look horrible last week against the Chargers, if you ignore the fact Patriots had 0 points. Bailey made some good throws down the field, including a bomb that was dropped by Tyquan Thornton. We will see if Bailey can put it all together, but I would not expect it.

Money Mitch is the QB for the Steelers, and this matchup is doable for him. He found some rhythm at the end of the Cardinals game last week, and that is enough rhythm to put some points on the board at home against a good Bill Belichick defense. Life will not come easy on offense for the Black and Gold, but the Steelers should be able to control the clock and they should be able to have open weapons in the passing game. Running game will do its part to control the game, Trubisky just has to be competent and lead the Steelers on enough scoring drives and the Steelers will win easily. Zappe will not make it a shootout, so really only the bare minimum is needed.



*BOLD Prediction. Patriots sign Tim Boyle after this game. Tim Boyle starts Week 18 against the Jets*



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