By Muntradamus


Usually, when a QB has won a Super Bowl in his career, he will be a starting QB in the NFL no matter the situation. When the Steelers fell short in the playoffs in 2023, it was a surprise they even made it with Kenny Pickett playing lackluster all season, and Mason Rudolph playing even more lackluster in cleanup duty to close out the year and lose in the first round.

Steelers wanted that missing piece to the puzzle, so they got Russell Wilson. Shortly after getting their new starting QB, the Steelers traded away a 6th Round pick for Justin Fields. Justin Fields rookie cards were going for six figures only a couple years ago! Now he could potentially be a second-string QB.

The question is, what should the Steelers do?

One of the best moves any teams made this off-season was the Steelers grabbing Arthur Smith as the Offensive Coordinator. Arthur Smith was the coach for the Falcons I was quoting all off-season telling everyone he was going to play the hot hand at RB. What ended up happening? All the Sheep rushed to take Bijan Robinson as a Top 2 RB in Fantasy Football. The result? Not a good season and a lot of duds where he single-handedly ruined your week. Not exactly what you want from a 1st or 2nd Round Pick.

Bringing in Arthur Smith will put more of an emphasis on the run game, which is not a problem at all since the Steelers have two great RBs. Which leads to what type of QB do they want running this show?

Option one, a proven game manager who can be clutch when unexpected, but also play like trash more often than not.

Option two, a young star running QB who single-handedly can carry an offense, but there is a chance things get sloppy.

What Justin Fields did on the Bears the last two years is nothing short of amazing. Their team was trash, they had zero offensive line. Fields would turn broken plays into 70 yard runs. While Fields arm is not the most accurate in the NFL, he is good enough in the department where you take the good with the bad. On the flip side Russell Wilson can easily make worse throws than Fields, without any explosion to create 70 yard plays.

While I do feel Wilson improved a bit in year two with the Broncos, he is still far away from the Super Bowl-winning QB back in 2014. Justin Fields is the future, and the present. The upside is great for Justin Fields to prove to the world that he was just stuck on a bad team, the fact the Bears were bad had nothing to do with his talent. The Steelers are going to win a lot of games this year with either QB, but if the Steelers really want to be a dynamic team, that has a special X-Factor. Steelers should start Justin Fields.


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