By Muntradamus


The Conference Championship is here. Only a limited time left in the NFL season. There are a ton of factors that go into every game when studying and trying to determine how other teams are going to attack other teams. There is no doubt that Richard Sherman brings a big name to the table as far as an amazing DB. However he only sticks to one side of the field, and the rest of the 49ers Corners are definitely beatable. With that being the case, do not be surprised to see the Packers isolate Davante Adams on the opposite side of Sherman Island and have him work against C+ Talent.

There is no doubt if the 49ers do not change things up, Rodgers and Adams will connect all game. The interesting part will be, does Sherman change things up and start locking down Davante Adams? If the 49ers go this tactic of moving Sherman to shadow Adams, I have bad news for 49ers fans. Adams will destroy Sherman. Davante is an amazing WR and has the huge advantage of knowing what the play is.

In the end, Davante will be great to watch and should be in line for a great game. The game itself will be great, and it will be fun to see how Aaron Rodgers keeps his team alive when the running game is not working at all.

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