By Muntradamus


Every blue moon, we get a generational player that we all have to watch. Mike Trout/LeBron James/Mike Vick, and now everyone who knows nothing about Football besides the ability to read a Box Score. Lamar Jackson.

Yes maybe one day, Lamar can be a Hall-Of-Fame generational player. However in the year 2019, with this Ravens squad, Lamar Jackson is nothing more than a player who is getting too much hype this Fantasy Football Season.

Yes Lamar is performing, in fact he is the #1 QB in some league settings. With that being said, his numbers are lying to you.


5 Passing TDs/324 Yards

WEEK 2-7:

6 Passing TDs/5 INTs, 0 300 Yard Performances.

Firs thing people will say is, you do not draft him for his passing numbers. Yes his rushing numbers look great this year, last two weeks has rushed for over 268 Yards! However lets not get too excited here. His longest run during that span was a 37 yard run, a play that came on Prevent Defense for a Hail Mary before the Half, and Lamar just took off running instead and letting the game go into halftime. His rushing TDs are at three this season, his last one came on a 4th down late in the 3rd Quarter, not exactly how you draw up your predictions for Lamar going into the Sunday. His only TD of the game as well.

So yes, there is a list of excuses for Lamar and why his numbers are very inflated. Haters will still tell you that Lamar is the #1 QB, even though the teams he has faced (MIAMI/ARIZONA/CHIEFS/BROWNS/STEELERS/BENGALS, and now SEAHAWKS)

Sehawks and Steelers are the two defenses that have the most respect on this list at the moment, Lamar averaged 150 Passing Yards with 1 Passing TD and 3 INTs, including 1 rushing TD on a 4th Down.

Lamar’s upcoming schedule.

One good game against the Bengals is all that remains for Lamar. Outside of that, a ton of teams that will limit his running and throwing. I am not rooting against him, I am spitting facts.

SO while the Lamar Hype Train is running hard now. Expect it to come crashing down to close out the season.

I will add this at the end. Give Lamar Jackson a stud WR, even a Courtland Sutton. Lamar Jackson is a legit QB. However on this offense with no true #1 WR and a trio of TEs who are getting their hype because that is all the Ravens can throw to. The Ravens offense has not provided enough weapons for Lamar to be a great QB.

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