By Muntradamus


Every single season, Wilson is drafted too high at Fantasy QB. He finishes the year as a Top 10 QB every season in the process, even last year he finished as the #3 QB in standard leagues. With all that being said, he is still drafted too high and is a Fantasy Nightmare.

Let us look at the stats in 2019 to justify my case. Out of 16 Games, Wilson did the following.

Throw for 300+ Yards in a game: 4x = 25%

Throw for 3+ TDs in a game: 3x = 19%

Run for over 50+ Yards: 3x = 19%

Run for at least 1 TD = 2x = 13%

When you look at this. It appears you have less than a 25% chance you get a QB1 performance from Russell Wilson, yet he still scores so many points. How does he do this year after year?

Oliver Stone and I call it, Any Given Sunday.

Every now and then Wilson has big moments. Here are his top 5 performances.

26 Points in Week 2

37 Points in Week 3

29 Points in Week 5

28 Points Week 6

34 Points in Week 9

The other 11 Games when Wilson was not throwing for 3+ TDs or rushing the ball like a star. Expect performances of 10-15 Points. In the Fantasy Playoffs when it matters the most.

Wilson Week 14: 10 Points

Wilson Week 15: 19 Points

Wilson Week 16: 11 Points

It is the same thing year after year with Wilson. A few monster games when nobody is looking, and a lot of average games when everybody is, like Week 16 Sunday Night Football against the 49ers. Wilson is a good QB do not get me wrong, but the Seahawks are not built to be an explosive offense. Metcalf is overrated and is definitely better suited to be the 2nd best outside talent at WR. Lockett is a solid slot WR, but he is not suited to be a pro bowl caliber player. Greg Olsen was a nice pickup, but we saw how things worked out when Jimmy Graham came into town, you can expect something similar.

Russell Wilson will have to lead this Seahawks team to the promise land, like he does every year since Marshawn has been gone. However the Promise land is not happening in 2020 with this roster. Russell Wilson will once again not be the BEAST DOME QB. Sure the big games will come, time it perfectly for Daily Fantasy.


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