By Muntradamus


It seems like for the past 4 years, Ron Rivera was still relevant as an NFL coach thanks to his development of then MVP Cam Newton, and taking the Panthers to a Super Bowl matchup in 2015. Once Cam Newton could not stay healthy anymore, and everyone from that Super Bowl Defense is no longer with the squad, it was clear the Panthers were in a clear rebuild. That meant changing the coaching culture.

Ron Rivera packed his bags and landed in Washington DC where he finds himself in potentially a better offense than he had with the Panthers. Dwayne Haskins is going to love Ron Rivera, as Rivera already knows how to build gameplans and systems for a dual-threat like Haskins. While Cam Newton is a more physical running QB than Haskins, Dwayne can bring a lot of skills to the table as a running QB that make him and Cam very similar. Hard to say who is better at throwing the ball since there are times Haskins looks very raw as a throwing QB, but nothing could be worst than how Cam left his time in Carolina.

In Carolina what made Ron Rivera and the Panthers so successful was their dual running game of D’Angelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart. What Rivera has in Washington is definitely the same thing if not a whole lot better. Guice is the real deal, and Adrian Peterson still has plenty of power left in the tank. When you feature their new toy in Antonio Gibson who looks like an NFL threat already, this team has a lot of weapons on the ground.

What made the Panthers a Super Bowl Defense was having a defensive-minded coach like Ron Rivera who played Defense in the NFL himself. Rivera will be mentoring #2 Pick Chase Young who looks to be an athletic freak, and he gets his toy back in Thomas Davis at Linebacker who was always the #2 option leader on defense behind Luke Kuchely. Let us not forget the Redskins have maybe the best safety in all of Football with Landon Collins, and a Defensive line featuring Daron Payne that has been shutting down Saquon Barkley and Zeke Elliot consistently for the last two years.

While it would be amazing to see the Redskins winning the NFC East, at least they know they will be a team competiting, and not a pushover like they were so many seasons in a row. Finally the #HTTR can make somewhat sense with a winning record. Hail to the Redskins.


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