By Muntradamus


A decision was made. Whoever was in charge of marketing, they hired a graphic designer who made the Rams look like a combo of the Chargers & Donald Trump.

First order of business after failing to look respectable at 9-7 in 2019, even though the Rams were in the Super Bowl 2018, when we all had Jared Goff in the 10th+ Round.


Sean McVay cleared house and hired a bunch of teenagers in their 30s to run a Football team. Brandon Stanley is maybe the least qualified guy to run a Defense. The rest of the coaching staff look like young trainers you would see at your local LA Fitness.

The Rams did not make one improvement, actually, they made two of them. They gutted the entire team in the process, the two good moves are.


The man is a human truck. With the Lions last season, Robinson is able to hold up the entire O-Line himself. When you add him and Aaron Donald to the equation. QBs are going to have to worry about them the second they take the snap. Running the ball up the middle may be the worst plan.


A great move! Floyd can be a BEAST pass rusher off the edge and should get a ton of free shots. Floyd and DC Staley worked together in Chicago, which means Staley will rely on him to make all the plays to save his job. In IDP leagues, you can have yourself a potential Von Miller in Floyd who will not even get drafted.

When you look at those two moves, it appears the Rams made progress. However they did not. They lost everyone.

Jalen Ramsey along with the names above remain the only respectable talent on this defense. The Rams are depending on no name 5th round Draft Picks with no experience at MLB in Kiser, in the secondary with Scott, and Rapp at saftey. Most important of all Troy Hill who is still grabbing the WR in New Orleans from the worst no call in history is going to get torn apart as the #2 Corner. Everyone in that secondary outside of Ramsey would be on the roster bubble on cut day.

The Rams on offense also decided, why make any moves when you can just lose your talent and not pay anyone!? Cooks and Gurley are gone, no true replacement comes in. No WR who can stretch the field, no RB who can carry the team on his shoulders. The O-Line is awful too as another 5th Round Rookie will protect Jared Goff’s blindside.

Something must be going on here deeper than we know. Gurley is owed $5 Million, the Rams literally went to the 99 cent store to fill out their coaching staff. Outside of those two big moves in Free Agency, the Rams look doomed.


The Rams must have blown their budget on the Graphic Designer.

If the Chargers would get Cam Newton, which they will not, then the Chargers would have been LA’s team. For now LA natives will not be rooting for any LA team. Maybe the SF bandwagon is open? We will find out next.


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