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The Rams last season went from Super Bowl losers, to straight-up losers. The Rams offense was no longer the greatest show on turf, and their defense who was without Donkey Kong Suh was not the same defense. Let us see how things have changed.


Rams are without Brandin Cooks and Todd Gurley. Coaching staff on offense remains the same. Are these huge losses? Cooks was not being utilized enough but he always kept safeties deep and honest. Josh Reynolds is not a great deep threat and is more of a create space type of guy. With safties not having to worry about Cooks speed, they can clamor down on both Woods & Kupp. Both great options.

The passing game should see more 2 TE sets with both Evertt and Highbee. Highbee was a BEAST to close out last season, but I am not taking much stock into that as the Rams were done by then and Evertt is now 100% healthy. Look for the Rams to run a lot of 2 TE sets and keep things cluttered in the middle of the field. Kupp and Woods will have nice seasons in the passing game, that is the only guarantee you can make there.

Was losing Gurley a big deal? Absolutely. Akers was the RB they grabbed in the 2nd Round, and he is not impressive. Definitely RBBC with him and Henderson as neither are going to stand out, do not be surprised to see Malcom Brown and his veteran leadership be the lead RB for the Rams. The Rams O-Line is still trash as well, a 5th Round blindside tackle does not look good for Goff.


New DC for the Rams is a young guy who has been the LB coach for the Bears and Broncos, Brandon Staley. While he has learned a lot, he also does not look like the man for a job. Not a type of defensive coach that gets players motivated and none of the staff appears to have that. MIT grads all of them.

The Rams D-Line got a lot stronger adding A’Shawn Robinson. He was a big boy for the Lions and him combined with Donald is going to make it impossible to do anything up the middle. Leonard Floyd comes into town from Chicago where he worked with Staley. Floyd is an amazing pass rusher and he should be a lone bright spot on this D-Line as he will see a ton of 1 on 1 matchups all season long.

The Rams at Linebacker are deciding to go with Michael Kiser a 5th Round 2018 pick who has never been the guy. No more Corey Littleton, Kiser has a job to fill that he will not be able to. Once you get past the D-Line, you can do whatever you want to this unit in the middle of the field. Kenny Young is alright from the Ravens a year ago, but he is more of a speed Linebacker and will not be able to tackle the BEASTs.

In the secondary Jalen Ramsey will have a lot of pressure to lock up #1 WRs one on one, because the rest of this secondary is awful. Just terrible! Their safeties Rapp and Scott would not start for any other team, and Hill is a 3rd/4th DB at best on any depth chart, and now he has to take on studs every day.

The Rams defense is going to be toast.


WOODS & KUPP only players who may be on the Draft Guide from the Rams, highly doubt they will make the cut. Would not draft them early and they will go early.

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