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The Fantasy Football Playoffs is here, another chapter, another chance to end your season with a BEAST win. The BEAST DOME Fantasy Football Season Draft Strategy was on Point and an end of season article will come, at the end of the season. The Playoffs are here and it is time to dominate.

If you want my Game Predictions with Write-ups and player by player stat Predictions.

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You can do a lot of damage with my predictions and I spend more time analyzing film than anyone in the industry. The big win I am dreaming of is happening this season and you have the chance to ride that success with me. Here is a small sample of the package, enjoy.


These two teams know eachother so well, nothing can fool them. In fact these teams played in Week 16, in Seattle. What we learned from that game was obvious, the Seahawks know Jared Goff is a trash QB who makes mistakes very often in the most ridiculous way as if he is playing for the other team.

How do the Seahawks defend him? Play a medium zone giving up all the underneath routes. Let Goff throw quick with no problem, the second he becomes impatient and tries to throw one 10+ Yards, the Seahawks mouthes water for a game changing INT. The Rams will try to rely on Cam Akers to take the pressure off of Goff and the passing game, but the Seahawks Run Defense lead by Bobby Wagner and KJ Wright is not an easy group to run on at all. If the Rams offense falls behind, running the football goes out the window and then Goff is in real trouble when the Seahawks do not have to worry about the run.

On offense for the Seahawks, Seattle has to let Russell cook. Jalen Ramsey vs. DK Metcalf is a battle that Metcalf can probably win some routes, but the truth is in the playoffs. Once you have the lead, you keep the lead and control of the football. If Seattle jumps out to an early lead, that will knock Metcalf out of the game. Chris Carson is definitely their bread and butter, and Tyler Lockett usually is, however the Rams had the perfect gameplan to contain him last they played.

Like I said to begin this article, these two teams know eachother so well, nothing can fool them. Seahawks jump out to an early lead, Seattle will try to run the ball out. If Jared Goff does not make a mistake, which I highly doubt on the road.

Little caveat if the Rams do not have Jared Goff and go with John Wolford Salad, this game is over before it even begins. Easiest blowout of the century. Wolford is not a NFL caliber QB, his bootlegs that he pulled off against the Cardinals will not work against Bobby Wager and KJ Wright. Wolford will be knocked out of the game if he tries to pull those off.




If Goff does not play, wager your first born child on the Seahawks. Regardless Seahawks are only -3.5!!

You can take the points, you can also go Large ML and not have to worry about anything sneaky. -175 is great for how easy of a win this should be for the Seahawks. I would and will be parlying the ML with other picks. You can get all of them and easy player props in the Package.

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