Fantasy Football News: Week 6 Update

Fantasy Football News: Week 6 Update
Ok. It’s only Monday but it’s never to early to start looking ahead to the next week of Fantasy Football action! Especially since we have a mess of an NFL schedule thanks to COVID and especially thanks to the Tennessee Titans and their lack of protocol causing scheduling mayhem.

Games Moved That Impact Week 6
Denver Broncos vs. New England Patriots | Moved to Week 6
Kansas City Chiefs vs. Buffalo Bills | Moved from TNF Oct. 15th to MNF, Oct. 19th
NY Jets vs. Miami Dolphins | Pushed forward from Week 10 to Week 6
NY Jets vs. LA Chargers | Moved from Week 6 to Week 11

Additional Schedule Changes
Miami Dolphins vs. Denver Broncos | Was Week 6 now Week 11
LA Chargers vs. Miami Dolphins | Was Week 7, no Week 10
LA Chargers vs. Denver Broncos | Changed from Week 11 to Week 8
Jacksonville Jaguars vs LA Chargers | Moved up from Week 8 to Week 7

So, not all of the matchups we were expecting are happening. Like, the talking heads at CBS Sports said, how many plates can the NFL keep spinning? Furthermore, there were some other shakeups in Week 5.
Man Down!
It was a sad weekend for the Cowboys and a bummer for Fantasy Football players with Dak Prescott on their roster. According to Fantasy Pros, DP was leading the league in fantasy points through the first 4 weeks of play. He had racked up 125.2 points, averaging 31.3 fantasy points per game.

That’s all she wrote folks. It looks like Prescott is done for the season. That said, the Cowboys are not totally effed. They have Andy Dalton, a more than capable starter waiting in the wings. Now the whole Dallas signing Dalton thing doesn’t seem so ridiculous.

Sammy injured his hammy and the results were detrimental to the Chiefs offense. The Raiders smashed the defending champs in Arrowhead on Sunday. The score ended 40-32, but it was much more of a dominant victory than the board indicates. The Raiders held the Chiefs to a 40-24 score … until the Chiefs scored and got the two-point conversion late in the 4th. So, Sammy Watkins being out really affected the KC offense. Perhaps we should be looking to start Lamar Jackson in DFS over Patrick Mahomes in Week 6? And Should we be looking elsewhere on the waiver wire for another receiver?

The Steelers lost a bit of weaponry as well this week. Diontae Johnson went down with a back injury. This is a bummer to fantasy team owners because as we came into Week 5, Johnson already had 25 targets. So, he has been Big Ben’s guy in Pittsburgh this season. You might want to put your dibs in on Chase Claypool.

Cam a Good Play Against Denver?
We were supposed to see this game on Week 5 MNF. But instead, get this game in Week 6. Through Week 4, the Denver Broncos ranked 26th overall in Fantasy Points. And in terms of Defense, they are tied for 25th. That said, Bradley Chubb put up 10 QB-Pressures against the Jets in Week 4. If they can keep putting on that kind of pressure, the Broncos could disrupt the Pats offense in Week 6.

The Broncs have only put up 15 fantasy points on defense … however, as a team, they have only allowed 88 points to be put up on the scoreboards in the first 4 games. So, they still not the easiest team to score against. However, they only have 1 INT and 1 FR in those 4 games as well. That said, they are middle of the road in sacks and QB hits with 10 and 26 respectively.

Cam Newton is listed back at 20th in FP for QBs, but remember, at this point, he’s a game behind most of the rest. His average of 23.8 points per game, on the other hand, makes him a viable starter. Only Aaron Rodgers, Josh Allen, Kyler Murray, Patrick Mahomes, and Russell Wilson are putting up more per game—we didn’t include Dak because he’s now out.

I would consider Newton an auto-start against the Broncos in New England. He should put up over 23 points.

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