Fantasy Football: Lamborghini Percy

Fantasy Football: Lamborghini Percy

By Muntradamus


I hope you are all enjoying your All-Star Break.  Don’t forget to check out the new “Player Search” bar on the top of the site.  Type in the player’s name, and see what articles I have mentioned him in.


Today I want to talk about a player who is moving up and down the WR rankings quicker than everyone.


Percy was the heart and soul of the Vikings offense last season.  With an inconsistent offensive line that led to Adrian Peterson’s worst season in some time.  The Vikings were often forced to throw the ball to Percy and see what he could do after the catch.  If Christian Ponder or Joe Webb were not getting Harvin the ball, then they would just hand it off to him.  Sometimes in the 10 Yard line!!


This off-season he demanded to be traded or get paid more money.  The Vikings are only paying Harvin $915K; for their top special teams player, their top WR, and possibly their best weapon on the field.  The Vikings made the case that Harvin does not deserve more money because of his attitude, and they are wary of signing him to a long-term contract because of past concussion issues.


So Harvin did the only thing he could do to save his reputation before it was damaged even further by the Vikings.  He has decided to come into camp and give the Vikings everything he’s got.  But would like to get that extension after the season.


Never is it a good idea for a football player like Harvin to enter a situation he is entering.  A small contract for a superstar does not make financial sense for anyone but the Vikings.  If the Vikings sell 500,000 Harvin Jersey for $60 a piece.  That’s already $3 Million.  So Harvin will do his best to avoid a Matt Forte situation where he got injured last season without a contract.  Or he will take the Ray Rice route and have a dominant season and then the Ravens can’t bring him into camp.


Either way the Vikings should pay Harvin soon, because the sooner they pay him.  The less they will have to pay.  He will look to have a monster 2012 season, and you can guarntee he will move up in my new WR rankings when they come out in August.


2011 Harvin (16 Games):

87 Rec. 967 Yards. 6 TD. 52 Carries. 345 Yards. 2 TD.


Stats when Adrian Peterson was Out/Injured (5 Games):

41 Rec. 500 Yards. 5 TD. 23 Carries. 122 Yards. 1 TD.
He was much better once Adrian Peterson was injured last season, and it does not look like AP is quite ready to be the MAN BEAST he is.  Which could allow an even bigger season for Harvin in 2012.


If Harvin stays healthy, and if AP is not ready this season.  Then Harvin can purchase all those Lamborghini’s that he can only dream about.

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