By Muntradamus


The NFL Draft usually brings in some good talent, but also a lot of talent we never hear of after a few seasons. The Denver Broncos with the #15 Pick made a really wise move by drafting Jerry Jeudy.

When I see Jeudy run with his big frame, long lengthy stride, and dominant size, right away I see another version of JULIO JONES. Yes that is right, Julio Jones is the WR I would compare Jeudy to.

While I am giving Jeudy all the praise in the world comparing him to the next Julio Jones, let us first snap back to reality, up there goes gravity.

The Broncos are a very young offense. Melvin Gordon is the veteran of the group, that is how young this offense is. Drew Lock has some fun toys to play with, Courtland Sutton, last year BEAST DOME ranked him higher than any WR. Do not be surprised to see Sutton continue his success, and do not forget the speedy, “Hamburger Hamler” they drafted in Round 2 in KJ Hamler. Percy Harvin 2.0.

While Lock has all these weapons to play with, the offense is still young and it is still unproven. Lock definitely has the weapons to be a better Matthew Stafford, but he also has proved just as much as a Teddy Bridgewater. Ok that was a low blow. However for Drew Lock this season, do not miss your chance to blow, this opportunity comes once in a lifetime. You better lose yourself in the Broncos WR’s, okay enough Eminem for now.

Snap back to reality, Jerry Jeudy is a special talent no doubt about it. However I expect growing pains in Year 1 where he is nothing more than a WR3 at Best in Fantasy Football Leagues, and that is at BEST. The Broncos will have a new flavor of the week at WR every game of the season, making the entire unit undraftable.

Even Melvin Gordon has to deal with Phillip Lindsay and for some reason, Royce Freeman is still on the roster. Are the Broncos ready to win the Super Bowl? Not even close. However the Broncos offense is putting this team back on the radar to compete again, for the first time since Peyton Manning.


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