By Muntradamus


No funny title needed for this one. Clinton-Dix has to be the most outrageous Football name of All-Time. To put HaHa on top if it, really is Hesean, but HaHa is too funny. While Clinton-Dix sports a Bears Jersey in this photo, his luxrious career of going from Green Bay, to Washington, to Chicago, now has him in Dallas.

While the name is funny, what is not funny to opposing offenses is this Cowboys Front line. Gerald McCoy being added with Dontari Poe + Tyrone Crawford and DeMarcus Lawerence. SEeeesssshhhhh. Can a QB get a step ladder to see above that unit.

What is also not funny is the Cowboys Linebacker core. Vander Esch who learned everything from Yoda Sean Lee, who is still there guiding Luke Skywalker, with playmaker Jaylon Smith. That LB core will have offenses seeing ghosts. The DB core however is raw with corners that will never make a Pro Bowl. Insert, HaHa Clinton-Dix.

What makes HaHa such a BEAST player is his instinct for the ball. He is not afraid to gamble and make the big play, and the Packers Secondary wish they still had him where he made a name for himself. Clinton-Dix is a playmaker that will be ball-hawking with a BEAST front 7 in front of him. Superstar potential is putting it lightly.

Quarterbacks drop back to pass, cannot see a thing because of the pass rush coming right at the QB, throws it off his back foot and HaHa takes it to the house.

Despite this beautiful picture I painted you, his Sheep Expert Consensus Ranking is #20 at the DB position. That means you can get a gamechanger DB, undrafted. Outrageous.


I ask myself how can he go undrafted? I think to myself what is the first thing a sheep does. All ‘Sheep Experts’ just look at box scores and do predictions with the way the player is trending. Maybe a small bump here, a small downgrade there. They do not paint the whole picture in their head.

I see 10 INT with 80+ Tackle potential, and most importantly multiple TDs for the playmaker.

Get yourself a Fantasy Football Expert who can do both Offense & Defense.

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