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Maybe the viral video of the summer, if you have not seen it you can click below. TJ Hockenson and Tua Tagovailoa are two players who are definitely on the decline from where they were drafted last season. Are they good value?


TJ Hockenson is a BEAST DOME Legend if you are new here. Goto the search bar and type in TJ Hockenson, he was literally the centerpiece of the Fantasy Football Draft Guide his breakout year in Detroit. Or click the link I just posted in that sentence.

It is a different ball game for Hockenson in 2024 as he is coming off a torn ACL/MCL he suffered in Week 16. Hockenson was having another fabulous season, and now there is no timetable for his return. When I first started drafting over the Summer, he was going pretty early in Round 10. I have seen him slip to Round 14/15 which is pretty amazing upside for the second half of the season when he returns. With that being said, the QB situation in Minnesota is very ugly. I have no faith in JJ McCarthy heading into preseason, maybe he changes my mind. Sam Darnold is not the end of the world, but he is pretty close to it. For now Hock is good value where he sits with no risk, I am no doctor but I do know he will take plenty of hits to the knees over the middle of the field when he returns.


If you have not seen Tua, that is him at a meet and greet his summer. Tua looks very small and skinny. So small and skinny, Tyreek Hill joked that he was on Ozempic. Two seasons ago if you do not remember, Tua almost died on the Football field and suffered multiple concussions throughout the season. Last season, Tua bulked up and he had good size, never took a big hit. Now Tua looks like he’s as small as his coach McDaniels. I do not like the recipe at all. I also do not like that defenses really started to figure out the Dolphins as the season continued. They have some nice weapons and adding Odell Beckham Jr. is sexy to the mix, but Tua is a bit overrated at the end of the day. He is far from a legend QB, and he is not really a superstar Franchise QB. The Dolphins are almost stuck in this agreement with the devil that they will never win anything big as long as Tua is their QB, but they have no choice but to go all in because he has shown some flashes and consistently has been putting up nice numbers. At the end of the day, Tua is overrated and will make some really bad throws that a backup would not even make.

Tua has been slipping to the teens as far as Draft Value at QBs. I do not hate him at that price, he is certainly not the BEAST DOME QB of this season, but you can definitely count on a handful of nice performances from Tua, but you can count on equally the same amount of duds. Like I said, he is not the BEAST DOME QB of 2024.




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