By Muntradamus


I am at that turning point in my life. Evolving into another BEAST. I am seeing the fantasy game differently everyday and the results continue to bring me closer to my goal.

*Yes all three of those teams would have net the $50K if it was in that single entry, all it means is I am on the right path and I have to focus to achieve the goal with only a few slates remaining. I KNOW I GOT THIS!*

Unfortunately for all of you who only got one piece of what I predicted this past weekend, ended up being an L. Was it Russell Wilson’s fault? Was it Brian Schottenheimer, the OC’s fault? Was it Pete Carroll?

Regardless of whose fault it was, it was definitely not because the Rams were the better team. The Rams had two big plays in the game, and then controlled the clock with Cam Akers. The deep pass to Kupp, and the pass to Akers that turned out to be a 40+ yard gain. The Seahawks have a BEAST in Chris Carson, but they were relying on him to do too much. Yes he is great and can run for 5-7 yards at a time, but the Seahawks were never content with taking what the Rams were giving them and always tried to look downfield in the passing game. If the Seahawks completed some short passes before trying to go deep from snap #1, then it would have opened everything up. Instead the Seahawks put themselves in an early 13-3 hole when they made the first mistake on the INT pick 6, and then just as the Seahawks showed some momentum before the half, Akers took it all back and ran the Rams to Green Bay.


Jared Goff goes to Green Bay. A California kid playing in Green Bay is only a Fantasy, Goff gets to live it as a reality. Luckily for him the weather will be perfect at 33 degrees with light wind. While 33 sounds like normal weather to someone who lives on the East Coast, 33 to someone who went to University of Cal and then straight to the LA Rams. 33 Degrees is COLD. Goff made horrible decisions last week and was bailed out many times. Against the Packers in Green Bay you cannot make mistakes. Expect the Rams to run with Akers as much as they can to make it a game.

While that may work for 1 Quarter. The game will be over when Aaron Rodgers catches fire. The difference between guys like Rodgers, Brees, and Brady from so many others. They have no problem completing short passes to get their mojo going, only if that is what the defense is giving them. Rodgers will take what the Rams will give him, and when the Rams decide to take that away, Rodgers will expose everything else. The Packers have to feel blessed they are facing the Rams this week, Jared Goff has not looked good in a very long time, and that is not about to magically change in the worst environment (minus snow) Goff can be in.



Take Packers -7. Take Packers First Half -4




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