By Muntradamus


It took about 30 seconds for everyone to get way too overly excited about a rookie the Chiefs drafted. Last pick of the 1st Round the Chiefs drafted RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire.

The only thing I like about this pick is that his QB at LSU Joe Burrow went as the 1st Pick in the 1st Round, and Clyde & Go BUST, Burrows mate in the backfield was the last pick of the 1st Round. Cool how things work out like that.

Instantly I hear Sheep saying 3rd Round Pick in all Fantasy Leagues. Before I go further and even start down this path I have to ask myself. What is the path I want to take this season. I can keep proving I am the best in these meaningless debates and comparisons to Sheep Experts, something I have done time after time, or I can just ignore everything and stay in my bubble. Time will tell the direction we head in, have to search for the proper LAMAR OF ATTRACTION before I move forward.

Back to the analysis. There is no way in God’s Green Earth that the Chiefs take away playing time from Damien Williams. Dame looked like a different RB during the Chiefs Super Bowl run. He was no longer just a guy in a good position making plays on a good offense. Dame was Marshall Faulk making plays in a great offense and not messing up. You have to imagine being with LeSean McCoy for a full season and watching him run the Andy Reid offense had to be the same effect as when Victor Oladipo went to the Thunder and then turned Victor into a mini Russell Westbrook.

The Chiefs are locked with Damien as their guy. Instantly that puts Clyde in the DO-NOT Draft List for Fantasy Football this season. If anyone says otherwise, they are wasting your time and maybe killing brain cells in the process when you start to go down that rabbit hole.

Maybe as a backup RB, Clyde & GO BUST has a lot of upside? No. Darwin Thompson made enough of an impact that he really is the backup to Damien Williams. Yes Clyde may bring more 3rd down RB skills than Darwin brings to the table. However Darwin is the more built RB and if Damien had to miss a game, you can be sure a RBBC with Darwin & Clyde would be the answer.

With all this being said, I am not knocking Clyde as a potential All-Star in his career. He has the makings to be a Darren Sproles, and at worst an Austin Ekeler. With that being said the Chiefs are not the right team heading into 2020 to give Clyde his opportunity to shine like a star. Damien is a Free Agent after 2020 so maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel for Clyde, but the problem there is…

Clyde cannot handle being a 3 down RB. He is 5’7 and the smallest guy on the field everytime he steps on. His speed may be great, but taking hits from NFL BEASTS on Defense will definitely knock that speed in the wrong direction as well as confidence. All of his highlights are him out running an entire college defense untouched. How many times we have to see that in college and not translate? This is not college, this is the NFL. Does not matter how many yards he had or how many broken tackles, either a guy is built for the game or he is not.

Right now my money is Clyde is not built for anything more than Darren Sproles role at BEST in his career. Do not even consider Clyde & Go BUST to be on your Fantasy Radar this season unless Damien Williams or Darwin Thompson happen to get hurt.

With no sports going on Fantasy Football Boot Camp will be happening soon.

The Fantasy Football Package will not be open to the public until there are sports again which means by latest June 14th when golf returns, you are going to love what I have in store with the 2020 Package.

In the meantime I will keep you entertained through the weeks. I am feeling an MVS opening Ceremony for Fantasy Football Boot Camp is mandatory.

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