By Muntradamus


‘Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. Words straight from the bible that could not be more true.

There is no doubt that playing field is not level in this world. I also understand destroying the country and ruining the world is also not the answer that is going to bring any change. I never enjoyed politics with my Football, and I am not about to start that chapter. They used to tell LeBron James shut up and dribble when he was trying to make a political stance, and good for him for continuing to push what he wanted to push. However I am going to tell myself on behalf of the BEAST DOME NATION to shut up and be a Fantasy Sports Expert. All I will say is, it is important to love others, especially in a time like this.’

The Giants have moved on from the Eli Manning book. A book that resulted in not one Super Bowl victories, but two! A book that has seen WRs from Amani Toomer to Hakeem Nicks to Victor Cruz to Odell Beckham Jr. all make major impacts with Eli at QB.

However despite all of this, Giants fans and the rest of the NFL never gave Eli Manning a proper sendoff. They never treated him like a Hall of Fame QB, they never gave him any love his last three years in the NFL. All it was is boos and chants of we want Danny! As in Danny Dimes. Well those chants came last year, and now with Eli gone, the new book begins.

The Giants offense is built to be a special group this year. Of course we have Saquon Barkley who is arguably the greatest RB in the NFL. However the Giants have a lot more than him. They have a WR trio who can get anywhere on the field, they have a big TE in Evan Engram but most important of all. They have a new and improved offensive line after taking the big boy Andrew Thomas with the #4 overall pick.

While Eli Manning will always remain in history maybe the greatest QB in NY Giants history, he never got a proper sendoff and definitely deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. If you think Russell Wilson is a Hall of Fame QB, then you better believe Eli Manning is a Hall of Fame QB as he actually won the big game that matters the most, TWICE!

With that being said, this weekend the NFC Breakdown will be official and we will be that much closer to the perfect BEAST DOME Fantasy Football Draft Guide.



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