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It was only 5 years ago when no Expert Ranked Derek Carr higher than myself in his breakout 2015 Season with 32 TDs and nearly 4,000 Yards. I remember all the flack I got for promoting him as a guy you can get at the end of your Draft. Many BEAST DOME MVP’s ended up with Michael Crabtree that season at the very end of their draft for a solid 900+ Yards and 9 TDs.

Now it is 2020, the Raiders are no longer in Oakland, but the results should be very similar, similar to the last few seasons. The Raiders are taking their talents to Vegas. An X-factor that a lot of people do not consider in Vegas, is the fact they live in Vegas. Being so close to the glitz and glamor of America’s playground, it has an effect on you, an effect that usually takes you out of focus. Put a guy like James Harden on a Vegas sports team and he will not even make the All-Star team with the distractions of strip clubs. Even heard a story one night Harden dropped over $1 Million at a strip club, they hung his jersey up.

Can you believe I only went to a Strip Club one time in the three years I lived there?!? Slacking..

With all that being said. Derek Carr has had a huge step backwards in his journey. He stopped becoming ballsy and started becoming too check downy. Two years ago when all the BEAST DOME NATION had Jared Cook who had a Pro-Bowl season with the Raiders, Cook had a Pro-Bowl season because all Carr did was check it down. Now the Raiders come into 2020 and while they hope to change their culture with the addition of 1st Round Pick WR Henry Ruggs, they will quickly see everything will be the same. Ruggs was too good for College Football, he was too fast and the corners could not stick him. That will not be the case for the first year NFL Pro.

The problem for Ruggs is he is going up against legitimate talent. However his addition to the team will make secondaries respect the deep ball, which will allow Derek Carr to throw all the checkdowns he wants. Darren Waller is ready to be used heavily, and Nelson Agholor can find a role even with Hunter Renfrow playing that same role. Tyrell Williams returns as his semi #1 WR, but with the addition of Ruggs/Agholor and even Jason Witten. There does not appear to be any consistency in Tyrell Williams to put him on the Fantasy Radar. The same can be said for Ruggs this early on as there are plenty of more low-risk options that I am sure you can find later in the Draft.

While Derek Carr has the weapons, his weapons will only help his check-down game get stronger. The more defenses have to respect all the weapons and leave the quick throws open, the more Carr will take them. Carr and his contract has him playing QB for the Vegas Raiders for the next 3 seasons through 2022! Making nearly $20 Million a year! Do not be surprised if Vegas eats his salary and does whatever it takes to get rid of him after this season. He lost his balls to throw deep and that is why the Raiders have collapsed. Vegas would love Cam Newton.

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