By Muntradamus


Some of you may remember the name Corey Dillon, some of you may not. Boy was he a bad man.

Corey Dillon would dominate in today’s game there is zero doubt about that, when RBs could take 25+ carries every week and none of this prima donna RBBC.

The Packers with their second round pick after taking a QB to rattle everyone, they selected a RB named AJ Dillon. When I watched his highlight reel I figured they had to be related. Could not find it anywhere, but tell me how they are not.

Dillon is about 50 LBS heavier than Aaron Jones, and +35 to Jamaal Williams. Yes Aaron Jones was a Fantasy Football star when Davante Adams was injured last season and the only way they could score was when Aaron Jones took it to the house. However Aaron Jones is a waterboy compared to AJ Dillon. Dillon is a FULL ON BEAST that will eventually find his way to be a starting RB.

Of course, Jones after his massive 19 TD 2019 will be the starting RB to open the year. In fact, Jamaal Williams may be the #2 guy just because he has thrived so much in the system. There were times when Williams looked better than Aaron Jones, many times.

However Dillon is the superstar talent here, and he will find his way into the offense. Jones is a tiny guy with an injury history, Dillon will wait patiently for his opportunity, in fact he has a journey up to the top as Williams will always be involved. When people see this BEAST play in GB this preseason, you can guarantee the Packers will not wait long to unleash their new massive weapon.

Was this pick what the Packers needed? Absolutely not, neither was Love in the 1st Round. The Packers were a game away from the Super Bowl, and they only drafted depth for their two strongest positions. My one step impression on Jordan Love, a composed Colin Kaepernick who is not afraid to take the deep shots and he can hit them on the money. If Kaepernick was more accurate with his deep balls, and hardly looked to scramble, just be a pocket QB like Kaepernick. That is what you have with Love.


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