By Muntradamus
Introducing the first fantasy football article that takes a look at each game from the previous week, and gives you the implications of what you should look forward to for that player as the season continues.  It will come every Tuesday to recap all the weeks actions.  Lets dive right in.
New Orleans 34 @ Green Bay 42

Both teams showed they’re capable of passing the ball for big plays at any point in the game.  Which will make you feel great about owning Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers all season long.   We all knew they were going to be great fantasy QB’s and both of them showed why they are matchup proof again for the 2011 season.
Saints WR’s all got a little boost this week with the injury to Marques Colston.  Colston was putting up modest numbers until his last catch which left him with a  broken collarbone.  Robert Meachem and Lance Moore are now medium risk/high reward WRs.  Both are capable of putting up big games, and if the matchup is right I’m sure it’s worth the gamble.  Jimmy Graham will be an excellent fantasy TE maybe jumping ahead of Vernon Davis on top TE rankings.
Saints RB’s are going to be frustrating to own all year.  All three are good enough to be good fantasy options, but it’s too hard to trust any of them since they all have their own roles carved out.  Mark Ingram is the red zone back, Pierre Thomas is looking like a 10-15 potential touch back, while Darren Sproles dominated in 3rd down situations.   You have to figure Sproles is going to get a lot more action going forward.  I would downgrade all of these guys until someone gets hurt, or if the Saints play a really poor team, Ingram should be a good start.


Saints Defense showed that they are capable of letting shootouts happen, which for now turns them into a week by week matchup team until proven otherwise.  John Kasay remains a good start, the only problem is they might score a lot of touchdowns.

Greg Jennings and JerMichael Finley should be in line for huge seasons.  Owners had to be excited with the fast start for Finley,(3 catches 53 yards in 1st quarter) only to see him do nothing for the rest of the game.  That should not be a common theme, and there is no reason to panic.  Jordy Nelson might be worth WR3 status, but I want to see him have another big game before he becomes someone you can trust.

James Starks, 12-57-1, easily outplayed Ryan Grants, 9-40. I’m sure they’re going to stick to a committee for another few weeks, but if Starks strings together a few more performances like this, we should see a one man show.

Packers Defense looked vulnerable against the saints, but then again who doesn’t?  Packers should be still viewed as a top 3 defense.  In the mean while Mason Crosby could be in for a year filled with extra points.  Which could be a bad thing since Aaron Rodgers is the best red zone QB in the NFL.

Baltimore 35 @ Pittsburgh 7
I took Ray Rice with the #1 overall pick in my fantasy league because he only has three tough matchups all year.  He is now the goal line back,  and he controls his playing time.  In his first of three tough matchups he had 23 touches, 149 total yards, and 2 touchdowns.  Against Pittsburgh.  Can you say fantasy MVP?

Joe Flacco looked great really spreading the ball around.  This is going let Anquan Boldin be wide open in upcoming weeks, he could return to elite status if Flacco throws the ball like this.  Ed Dickson could be worth an add at TE in fantasy, but they also have Pitta.  I would stay away from the situation.  Lee Evans was shut out this week, and he has to remain on your bench until he puts up a big game.  Don’t give up on him yet.

Ravens defense looked amazing forcing 7 turnovers and making Rothlesberger look like Tavaris Jackson.  Minus the fact that Big Ben can actually throw the ball down the field.  Billy Cundiff should be owned in all fantasy leagues as the Ravens will kick a lot of FGs and Cundiff is very solid.

Rashard Mendenhall never got going as Pittsburgh was behind the entire game.  He did have his chance of scoring in the redzone to makeup for his poor performance but he didn’t.  I still like Mendenhall, and he should be fine if Rothlesberger avoids games like these.

Big Ben could have been a victim of playing a really tough defense.  Still his numbers should have been better against a defense that has been vulnerable to the pass, in the past.  I’m not worried about his production, he remains a QB1/2.  Mike Wallace still put up a big game.  He remains one of the best fantasy WRs.  No other WR is really worth playing for now, maybe you can keep Ward on your bench, but Hines Ward is not a good option.


Pittsburgh Defense looked old and worn out, and this is only week 1.  They should bounce back big against Seattle, but they might not be the team you thought they were.  Suisham remains a good fantasy option, not someone you should start, but he should be solid as the year continues.

Falcons 12 @ Chicago 30
Matt Ryan threw for 300 yards, Michael Turner ran for 100 yards.  That usually translates into big games for both them, Roddy White and the entire Falcons team, but unfortunalley they never found the end zone.  Michael Turner showed that he was drafted too low putting up a huge game against a great defense, 10 carries 100 yards, to go along with 3 catches for 40 yards.  Matt Ryan is looking more like a matchup QB then a must start QB, and Roddy White could be in for a more disappointing season if Ryan spreads the ball out as much as he did.  White still remains elite with 8 catches but 60 yards won’t cut it, Julio Jones looks more like a WR3 unless it’s a great matchup and Tony Gonzles showed he can still put up numbers leading the team with receiving yardage, 72 on 5 catches.

Falcons Defense looked Medicore, definitely a matchup fantasy defense rather than a must play.  Matt Bryant showed us on week 1 that he could be fantasy kicker of the year.

Jay Cutler was efficient getting 322 yards on 32 attempts.  But most of those came on screens and short passes to Devin Hester and Matt Forte.  Cutler is still hit or miss and someone you should never trust in fantasy.  Even with a favorable matchup he remains high QB2.    Matt Forte showed off his versatility with 178 total yards and 2 touchdowns, he remains a high end RB2.  No Bears WR/TE is worth owning since Cutler spreads it out like Kim Kardashian at a football players convention, and Forte was also the leader in receptions and receiving yardage.

Bears defense showed off that they are a hard hitting team that will make it tough to score TDs against.  They did give up big yardage, but you shouldn’t be worried.  Bears remain a top defense, and Robbie Gould remains a top kicker.  Jay Cutler will make a lot of mistakes in the red zone which  will lead to a lot of FGs.

Bengals 27 @ Cleveland 17
Peyton Hillis had a terrible performance in what should have been a gimme game.  17 carries for 57 yards, and 6 catches for 30 yards.   I would be a little worried since teams don’t get much easier than the Bengals, but  you still have to roll with the rock.  He remains a high end RB2, but another bad performance and we may have to get Eminem to ask, “Will the real Peyton Hillis please stand up?”

Cedric Benson ran like a man fresh out of prison.  He was running hard, he was controlling the game, and most importantly he ran for a 39 yard touchdown on what was a give up play by the Browns in the final seconds.  He remains a beast like RB2, but when the Bengals play real teams you have to temper your expectations.  Other than Benson, Jermaine Gresham should be a great TE to own in fantasy this season, and if he’s available I would recommend picking him up as he looks to be the go-to target.  No other player on the Bengals is worth owning besides AJ Green, who is not playable yet with only 1 catch in his NFL career.  I don’t care that it was for a 41 yard Touchdown, he is a hit or miss player for now.

Bengals defense looked good, but the Browns offense is pretty bad.  I wouldn’t recommend picking them up.  Mike Nugent might be a good fantasy kicker just because the Bengals should stall in the redzone more often than not.  But do you really want a Bengals kicker?

Colt McCoy showed us he is not a viable QB2.  If he can’t perform against Cincinatti I don’t want him near my fantasy roster.  Let someone else gamble on his good matchups, there are much better QBs in this league than him.  Chad Henne makes Colt McCoy look like a QB3.  Which leads to this special annoucment.  Do not play any Browns players besides Peyton Hillis.

Browns defense sucks, play any of your viable fantasy players against them as they should score a TD.  And if you have Phil Dawson on your fantasy team, then the only thing you have going for you is that you’re the only one that has Phil Dawson.


Indianapolis 7 @ Houston 34
Warning, the colts offense is not going to be the Colts offense you thought you drafted.  If you plan on having production from anyone other than Reggie Wayne, you’re not thinking straight.  This is what Kerry Collins did to your Colt fantasy player.

He made Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie non fantasy factors for the time being.  Neither player will warrant enough looks from Kerry Collins arm to make me feel safe playing either of them.  He turned Dallas Clark into a middle of the pack TE.  I would compare Dallas Clark to somewhere between Kellen Winslow and Dustin Keller territory, closer to Brandon Pettigrew.  Joseph Addai who is really only a good redzone/ 3rd down back will now not have the opportunities to get his cheap TDs with the mixed 80 yards from 14 touches.  Addai goes down to a RB3 for the time being.

Indy’s defense looked soft, I would play any viable player with confidence against them.   Vinatieri should not be on your team.  They will be playing from behind, and long FGs are not in Vinatieri’s range anymore.

Matt Schaub has me a little worried.  Yes the Texans blew out the Colts and didn’t need to throw, but he still put up a poor game with 220 yards 1 TD and 2 INT.  He goes down to QB2 status for the time being.  Andre the Giant Johnson put up a typical game 95 yards 1 TD.  He remains the best of the best, while Owen Daniels who did nothing could see a spike in production with Walters being out.  Daniels remains a Low-end TE1/ High-end TE2.

Ben Tate will have Arian Foster owners worried all season.  Tate showed he is capable of putting up big numbers so if Foster isn’t 100% the Texans won’t rush him back on the field.  And if Foster needs a breather, they won’t be afraid to put Tate in the game.  In conclusion, Foster should still be a fine top pick, but this will be something to think about as the season continues.  Ben Tate should be owned in leagues you can carry 4 RBs or more.

Houstons defense looked strong.  It could have been the Colts, but I would play them in good matchups, Neil Rackers will be good as the Texans look like a strong offense to kick off the season.
Tennesse 14 @ Jacksonville 16
One of these teams has a chance to compete with Houston as the top team in the AFC South.  Which should mean good things for Chris Johnson and MJD.  Though both players went opposite directions to start the season.  MJD had 97 yards rushing to go with 1 touchdown.  While Chris Johnson had 49 total yards.  Chris Johnson should be fine, but MJD looks like a great value pick.  Both are RB1 quality.

Kenny Britt put up a big game and proved to be the only player you should own on the Titans as of now, outside of CJ2K.  Britt got a lucky touchdown, but he always finds a way to find the endzone, he bumps up from WR3 to a good WR 2.  Jared Cook could be waived if there’s a better TE.  Hasselback should remain on waivers, he looked awful against Jacksonville of all teams.

Tennesse’s defense wasn’t impressive, you don’t need to own them.  Rob Bironas could be hit or miss, depends if the Titans get their offense together.  He did attempt a FG over 60 yards, but wasn’t successful.

Jacksonville doesn’t have any viable fantasy options besides MJD.  Mercedes Lewis got hurt, he might be a bust with no Garrard.  Mike Thomas looked good, but he’s never a guy you can trust in your lineup.  Scobee is always a solid fantasy kicker, and Jacksonvilles defense looked okay against a Titans offense that looked worse.  Maybe they have the best run stop defense in the league shutting down Chris Johnson.  Though I highly doubt it, keep them on the waivers.

Buffalo 41 @ Kansas City 7

Ryan Fitzpatrick will make the Bills a good fantasy offense.  Stevie Johnson came into the season as a low-end WR2, that changes to a solid WR2 for now after 4 catches for 66 yards and a touchdown.   Fred Jackson looked great with 112 yards rushing, though it hurt that C.J Spiller got the rushing touchdown.  Jackson remains a matchup RB3.  Scott Chandler could be someone to pickup at TE, 5-63-2 in his first game.  But Nelson seems to be a big target at TE and I wouldn’t trust the rookie quite yet.

Buffalo Defense shut down Bowe and Charles, I don’t know if it’s for real.  But it’s promising.  I would leave them on the waiver wire.  Ryan Lindell is a solid kicker who always gets attempts.  High end sleeper, especially with the way the Bills moved the ball on Sunday.

Jamal Charles owners had to be disappointed with the performance.  It was good to see him reach the endzone but they will look for Charles to bounce back, as he should.  Maybe givethe man more than 10 carries. Who cares if you’re behind, he’s their playmaker!  Dwayne Bowe only had 2 catches for 17 yards.  I would be a little worried, he slips to a low-end WR2, until he proves otherwise.  No other Cheifs are worth owning.

KC defense took a huge blow losing Eric Berry for the season.  They should be waived, and Ryan Succop might have two good games this year, but who knows when that will be, leave him for someone else.

Philadelphia 31 @ Rams 13

Steven Jackson looked like he was on his way to a huge game and a great start to the season, until he suffered a quad injury that looks like he will be out for a few games.  Cadillac Williams, who might not deserve the nickname anymore, had a great game with 19 carries for 91 yards.  I wouldn’t be that excited about picking him up, maybe he does well against a banged up Giants defense on Monday Night.  But I wouldn’t guarantee it.

Sam Bradford also got injured but looks like he will be fine, I was disappointed in his debut, but the Eagles are the best pass defense so that had to be expected.  He lost Danny Amendola for what could be 5 weeks, could be the season, we don’t know yet.  If he is out Mike Sims-Walker is a must own WR3 that could turn into a WR2.  You should pick him up.  Lance Kendrick had a poor debut, could be the Eagles I wouldn’t blame you for sticking with him.

Rams defense looked okay against a dominate Michael Vick, they are a matchup defense for now.  Josh Brown missed a FG but should have good games when the Rams play winnable teams.

Speaking of  Michael Vick, 10 carries for 98 yards, that’s why you drafted him as either the #1 or #2 QB overall.  He didn’t look great in the passing game completeing less than 50% but he still got his 2 Touchdowns.  Vick remains elite and because of that so does Desean Jackson and LeSean McCoy.  Both players are must starts, as Maclin has fallen to a WR3 with only 1 catch for 20 yards, no way you can trust him after that. As for Celek, he had a bad game 1 catch for 13 yards and is a TE2 until he can produce.

Eagles defense is as solid as it comes and is a must start, and new kicker Alex Henery was perfect 1/1 with 4 extra points.  The Eagles offense is too explosive to not use Henery, he remains a top 10 kicker.
Detroit 27 @ Tampa Bay 20
In what could have been highlighted as one of the premiere fantasy games of the week, turned out to be a huge disappointment for LaGarette Blount owners, such as myself.  5 carries for 15 yards and only seeing the field maybe twice in the second half only because Earnest Graham was tired, is a terrible sign.  Yes Morris said he pulled the running game too quickly, you cannot trust Blount.  You might still have to roll with him despite the high pick.  Hopefully he picks it up but he is now a RB3 until he has a good game.

Matt Stafford should be an elite QB as long as he stays healthy 305 yards and 3 touchdowns, which will lead to huge numbers for Calvin Johnson already 2 Touchdowns. This might make Buerlson turn into a sneaky solid WR2.  Brandon Pettigrew was decent with 4 catches for 57 yards, continue to roll with him as a solid TE1.  Jhavid Best failed to find the end zone but looks like a solid RB2 totaling 114 yards on 25 touches.

Detroit’s new run defense looks amazing, I would start them with confidence in the right matchups, Jason Hanson is solid and will provide good numbers.

Tampa Bay couldn’t move the ball until they abandonded the run, that probably won’t happen in most games but it made Josh Freemans stats a little delusional.  I wouldn’t start him with confidence anymore, he dropped to a QB2.  Kellen Winslow looked decent and remains a top 8 TE while Mike Williams showed off some acrobatic moves to come up with a TD.  He could have been drafted too low, definitely the go-to guy for Freeman in a team that could be losing a lot of games this year.

Tampas Defense looked bad against a great Lions offense, they should be a good defense to play based on the right matchups.  Connor Barth is one of my favorite fantasy kickers and had a solid performance in a game they lost.

Carolina 21 @ Arizona 28
Cam Newton was the story of this game.  If you saw Jamie Fox in Any Given Sunday then you have to be excited about Cam Newton.  He reminds me of Daunte Culpepper in his prime.  He is a must own QB, I don’t care if his 422 passing yards was against Arizona.  This was the mans first professional game, and he runs the ball inside the 5 yard line.  You’re crazy if you pass him up.

Deanglo Williams beat out Johnathan Stewart in carries 12-7.  Bad new is, they combined for less than 60 yards.  Neither player is more than a RB3 until someone breaks out.   They are both losing goal line touches to Cam Newton.  Steve Smith might have the best QB he’s ever had in his carrer, he is bumped up to a solid WR2.  If you have him, play him, maybe not against GB but 178 yards and 2 TDs!  What year are we in 2005?  Greg Olsen is a little risky of a TE option since Shockey still can catch the ball, but he’s playable in the right matchup, especially if Cam plays the way he did.

Carolinas defense is terrible now with Beason out for the season, drop them if you have them.  Olindo Mare is not a kicker worth owning, who knows what his leg is still like.

Larry Fitzgerald had a terrible first game.  Though  good things can be in his future, Kevin Kolb proved that you can’t double team Fitzgerald or he’s going to end up with 309 yards and 2 Touchdowns.  Expect things to get better for Fitzgerald, I’m hoping at least as I have in my two leagues.  Kolb on the other hand is still a QB2, he didn’t impress me with his arm strength.

Beanie Wells looked great against a bad defense, we will see how he does against a better team, he remains a low-end RB2.  Todd Heap was disappointing in week 1, leave him on your bench for now.
Arizona’s defense looked vulnerable, I would play them with caution and you can do a lot better than Jay Feely as your kicker.

Minnesota 17 @ San Diego 24
Adrian Peterson was the Vikings offense, which you would expect.  Though in this case, he rushed for more yards than Donovan McNabb had through the air.  98-39.   Either the Chargers have a  great defense, or the Vikings have a terrible passing offense.  What this means is teams are going to stack the box, which will keep AP in check for most games this season.  Harvin had a terrible game with 22 total yards, surprisingly 4 carries.  He falls down to a WR3, but still has the potential to put up a huge game any week.  No other Viking is worth owning.

The Vikings defense is not the same defense of a few years ago.  They should not be owned, and the same goes for Ryan Longwell until the team can put up passing yards.

San Diego super chargers are going to be an offense that will put up a lot of points.  They were extremely effective and could of done a lot better if Philip Rivers didn’t miss Jackson on a huge wide open touchdown.  Even though V-Jax had a poor game he still remains elite.  Games like this are the reason he dropped after the first tier of WR’s on draft day.  Antonio Gates looked solid with 7 catches for 75 yards. Philip Rivers will remain elite with both these guys on the field along with Malcolm Floyd who is a bench player for now.

The Ryan Matthews vs Mike Tolbert battle was won by Tolbert.  Tolbert totaled 3 touchdowns to go along with 93 total yards.  Even though Matthews ran the ball better, both of them will continue a time split.   Tolbert has the small edge because of goal line duties, while Matthews remains more of a low-end RB3 unless he has a great matchup.

San Diegos defense looked great and could head to a must-start, we will see how they continue to fair.  Scifires could be the kicker if they don’t sign someone else.  If you have the spot he’s worth the gamble.

Seattle 17 @ San Francisco 33
Seattle is the worst football team in the NFL.  They could lose all 16 games and Tavaris Jackson makes every player on his team worse.  You should always play the defense that plays against Seattle every week if they are available.  Marshawn Lynch who came into the season as a RB3, might be a RB4 just because who knows if Seattle will be able to do anything.  No other Seattle player is worth owning, even Zach Miller.

Seattles defense is awful and you shouldn’t own them, and if you know who the Seattle kicker is well then you shouldn’t own him.  But congratulations if you guessed Steve Hauschka, try saying that name three times fast.

Alex Smith proved this week that he is one of the worst QBs in the NFL.  On a game where he should have been good he only had 124 yards.  Frank Gore could be in for a long year if they don’t have  a passing game.  He remains a RB2.  Vernon Davis had a good season last year after Gore was hurt, Davis remains in the top 7 TE range with Alex Smith looking like a backup quality NFL QB.  This also makes Braylon Edwards as a WR4 being the goto guy in a bad offense.  Not looking good for the 49ers.

Ted Ginn and the SF defense had a great week, but it was against Seattle, for now SF is strictly a matchup defense.  David Akers should be good in games the 49ers should win as proved this week going 4/4 with a long of 31 yards.  Terrible redzone offense.

New York Giants 14 @ Washington 28
It is time that we take Rex Grossman seriously.   After looking great at the end of last season he continued against a banged up New York defense.  Grossman is now a solid QB2 going right in the range of Kevin Kolb.  Tim Hightower should be a beast this year, only 3 yards per carry average but he’s going to get enough touches to fall into good production, solid RB2.  Santa Moss was decent with 6-76 he remains a WR3 with upside, while Fred Davis stole the show from Cooley at TE, 105 to 21 receiving yards.  Cooley can be safely dropped while Fred Davis turns into a TE2.

Washingtons defense looked pretty good, they become a matchup defense while Gano remains a kicker that should be on waivers.

The Giants offense looked pretty bad, they couldn’t move the ball very well, and Eli Manning looks like he picked up right where he left off from last year.  Manning is a QB2 for good now, Hakeem Nicks is a stud 7 receptions for 122 yards, it’s too bad he got hurt hopefully he has a speedy recovery.  Mannigham was a big disappointment this week 4 catches for 49 yards, if Nicks misses time he’s a solid WR2, for now he’s a solid WR3.

Ahmad Bradshaw had more carries than Brandon Jacobs 13-6 as well as the only TD which came from 6 yards out.  Jacobs owners have to be upset about that.  Bradshaw is a solid RB2 while Jacobs might have lost some value and turns into a great RB4.

Giants defense is injured and cannot be trusted as of now, while Lawerence Tynes is not a good kicker and is not a recommended option.

Dallas 24 @ New York Jets 27
Tony Romo should have a huge season as Jason Witten, Miles Austin, and Dez Bryant are all WR1 options.  Dez Bryant looked un-guardable before leaving injured.   If you have Romo he is a must-start QB until further notice.  Felix Jones owners also have to be happy to see Jones not only get a goal line touchdown, but he touched the ball 20 times and the cowboys definitely showed it’s his backfield.  He is a High-end RB2.

The Cowboys Defense shut down a good running offense, unfourtnaley they let Sanchez light them up to the tune of 335 yards and 2 Touchdowns.  They remain a weekly matchup fantasy defense, and Bailey can be added in all leagues, the Cowboys are a good offense and you should have their kicker.

Shonn Greene was suppose to be better than this, 10 carries 26 yards.  I wouldn’t be Lagarette Blount worried about Shobn but it was not a good sign.  He remains a solid RB2.  Mark Sanchez had a great game and moved himself to a solid QB2, which will lead Keller to maybe finally break into that TE1 spot.  We will see if he can remain consistent.  Plax had a Touchdown, those are the only things that will save his season because of that, he’s a WR3 at best.  Santonio Holmes was okay with 6 catches for 70 yards, I see him as a solid WR2, nothing more.

Jets defense was okay, they stopped the run but they aren’t the same Jets defense of the past two years.  Nick Folk is a great kicker with a great leg, though he’s far from a guarantee FG maker.  Keep rolling with him as long as the Jets move the ball the way they are.

New England 38 @ Miami 21
Tom Brady might have shown us that he’s going to win MVP back-to-back seasons.  511 yards, with ocho cinco only getting 14.  Welker goes up to WR1 status after his huge game, Aaron Hernandez and Gronkowski are the #2 and #3 options on a great passing offense, they both are top TEs that should be played every week.  Ocho should remain on your bench until further notice, he’s still a WR3 with upside while Deion Branch is a top notch WR4.  Too hard to trust him yet.
The fantasy story of the game for New England is, Woodhead 14 carries, BJE 7 carries.  Yes Green-Ellis got his Touchdown, but when the Pats wanted to throw the ball they let Woodhead stay in the game in running situations.  I would downgrade BJE to a RB3, while Woodhead is a RB4 with the chance of becoming a RB2, we will see as the season continues.  BJE reminds me of Brandon Jacobs, you only can hope for those goal line touchdowns.  Luckily he plays on a team that can reach the goal line every possession.

New Englands defense looked soft, I would place them on the bench until further notice.  Gostowski missed a FG but still remains a must start kicker.

Chad Henne really surprised the league throwing for 416 yards and 2 touchdowns while even rushing for a TD.  About the same performance Cam Newton had,  Henne can be added as a QB2, remember what Reggie Bush did for Drew Brees’s career.  As for Reggie Bush, he was the man totaling 94 yards a touchdown, he’s so explosive and so far has proved he can handle the workload, I would consider him a RB2.  Brandon Marshall looked great 7 receptions for 139 yards, no word on his injury but he’s going to have  a bounce back year.

Miami’s defense looked bad, but the Patriots make everyone look bad.  They might be worth a play against a bad team, it’s tough to analyze them after this one.  Carpenter is a solid kicker and if the offense is as good as advertised he is solid K2.

Oakland 23 @ Denver 20
Run DMC could be the top fantasy back this year.  He was underrated coming into the season, and if you got him in the 3rd round like most owners did, then you are in good shape.  Michael Bush is a solid RB3, he will be a must start if anything happens to the fragile McFadden.  Janikowski made a 63 yard FG and went 3/3, I’m sold on him, while the Raider defense looked aggressive, they should be a good matchup team.  No other Raider is worth owning at the moment.

Knowshon Moreno was bottled up all game and then got hurt, Moreno was overrated to me as the season began once he lost goal line duties to Willis, Moreno is now a RB3.  Kyle Orton had a good game getting 304 yards with a touchdown, he remains a QB2.  Brandon Lloyd was the only WR who a good game with 6 catches for 89 yards, he’s the only Bronco WR to own as a solid WR2.  McGahee didn’t do much running the ball 4 carries 3 yards, but did have 5 catches for 32 yards.   If Moreno is seriously hurt then McGahee could become a RB2.

Denvers defense has some talent, but you should only play them on great matchups, Prater is a good kicker despite missing his FG, if the Broncos move the ball well he would become a K1.

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