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This article is going to be my player updated mixed with Trade Analyzer in one.  Updates will occur randomly throughout Friday-Sunday, as all 30 NBA teams are covered by Sunday Night.

*when posting questions, it helps if you post your position in the standings and where you can move up.


REB: 7th (can move up two spots, move down one spot.)
PTS: 3rd (Can’t move up or down.)

I want to be able to help you guys win your fantasy championships, so give me as much information as you can so I can give you my best answer.

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Andre Iguodala (8.6/10) +.2

Iguodala is slowly turning into an assist specialist with good rebounding numbers.  His scoring is nearly not as dominant now that Evan Turner has entered the starting lineup.  The shot attempts are back to being inconsistent, as the alarming stat is, 8 shot attempts per game since Turner has been a starter.  Still gives you everything else which makes him special at the position.

Jrue Holiday (7.5/10) +0

Jrue is starting to look a little better in the Evan Turner offense.  He averages 2 3PTM in his last two games to go along with 13 Points and 5 Assists.  Something nice for Holiday to build off of going forward.

Louis Williams (7.5/10) +.1

Lou is averaging 18.6 per game in his last 5 and appears to be heading towards a full season of being a consistent scoring option.  Even in the Evan Turner regime he is still very productive.

Evan Turner (8.1/10) +2.0

Finally Turner gets his playing time.  He has dominated in his first three starts averaging shooting the ball in double digits each game.  Grabbing double digit rebounds, and even scoring over 20 Points.  He brings intangibles to the guard position that is similar to Dwayne Wade.  Must-Add in all leagues.

Elton Brand (7.6/10) +.4

Brand continues to get stronger and is playing great minutes right now.  Double-doubles with blocks are expected almost every night.  Even with Thaddeus Young being the better forward, they manage to use them both effectively seeing around 30 Minutes a game give or take. 


Thaddeus Young (7.6/10) +.1

Despite coming off the bench for the 76ers, Thaddeus is worth starting in all leagues.  When he plays, you can expect double digit shot attempts with the chance for 20 Points.  They have found a way to play him 30 Minutes off the bench fairly consistently.


Spencer Hawes (5.9/10) +0

Hawes is going to be an 8 Point, 5 Rebound type of guy when he comes back.  This offense is a different animal since he has been injured.



Kemba Walker (7.7/10) +.1

The season is coming closer to an end, which means the Bobcats will run their young ones more and more.  Kemba could be a 35 Minute per game guy in a couple of weeks.

Gerald Henderson (6.2/10) +.2

Henderson is still starting, but he is not a good fantasy option.  To expect 15 Points is not going to happen.  Soon the Bobcats will go to Kemba Walker in his position, which will mean the end.  I would package him in a trade if anything.

D.J. Augustin (7.6/10) +0

D.J. is not the player he was to start the season, but he is still a guy who can get you around 6-8 Assists per game.  That is good enough to make him a solid starting guard in most leagues.

Corey Maggette (7.7/10) +0

Maggette has been a scoring machine for Charlotte scoring 20 Points or more nearly every game.  He had a streak of 3 going before it snapped Friday.  Corey could lose some shot attempts and touches when it turns into the Kemba Walker show.  However Corey will make sure he gets his when he is on the court.

Bismack Biyombo (7.9/10) +.5


Bismack.  Read the article, watch the video.  He has 5 games in week 16 which is a vital week in the NBA playoffs.  Pick him up already.  He can block 7 shots a game, and he is getting 30+ Minutes fairly consistently now.



Brandon Jennings (8.7/10) +.1
Mike Dunleavy (6.9/10) +.4

Mike can be a fantasy beast if you can start seeing 30+ Minutes a game.  If you need a good fantasy sleeper pick him up.

Stephen Jackson (5.7/10) +0
Drew Gooden (8/10) +.2
Ersan Ilysova (8.2/10) +.4
Carlos Delfino (7.3/10) +.2



Derrick Rose (9.7/10) +0
Luol Deng (8.3/10) -.2
Joakim Noah (8.5/10) +0
Carlos Boozer (8.1/10) +0
Rip Hamilton (6.1/10) +0


Kyrie Irving (8.5/10) +0
Ramon Sessions (7.3/10) +0
Anderson Varejao (7.1/10) +0
Antwan Jamison (8.8/10) +.2
Tristan Thompson (7/10)


Paul Pierce (8.6/10) +0
Kevin Garnett (8.5/10) +0
Ray Allen (7.8/10) +.1
Rajon Rondo (8.9/10) +0
Brandon Bass (7/10) +0
Chris Wilcox (6.2/10) +0



Chris Paul (9.7/10) +0
Blake Griffin (9.4/10) +0
Mo Williams (7.6/10) +0
DeAndre Jordan (7.4/10) +0
Caron Butler (7.3/10) -.2
Randy Foye (7.3/10) +.3


Mike Conley (8.4/10) +.1
Rudy Gay (8.4/10) -.1

Concussion symptoms could make this number drop.

Zach Randolph (8/10) +.2

Supposed to be back on Tuesday.  Let those 20/10 games keep rolling.

Marc Gasol (8.7/10) -.2
O.J. Mayo (7.3/10) +.2

Tony Allen (7.0/10) +0



Jeff Teague (7.4/10) +0
Joe Johnson (7.8/10) +0
Josh Smith (9.7/10) +0
Zaza Pachulia (7.5/10) +0
Marvin Williams (5/10) +0



Dwayne Wade (9.7/10) +0
Lebron James (10/10) +0
Chris Bosh (8.3/10) -.1
Mario Chalmers (7.2/10) +0



Jarrett Jack (7.7/10) +0
Greivis Vasquez (6.9/10) +0
Emeka Okafor (6.4/10) +0
Trevor Ariza (7.6/10) +0
Eric Gordon (6.5/10) +0
Chris Kaman (8.1/10) +0
Gustavo Ayon (7/10) +0



Al Jefferson (9/10) +.1
Paul Millsap (8.6/10) +.1
Devin Harris (7.2/10) -.2
Earl Watson (6.7/10) +0


Tyreke Evans (8.8/10) +0
Marcus Thornton (8.5/10) +.3
DeMarcus Cousins (8.8/10) +0
John Salmons (6.4/10) +1
Jason Thompson (7.3/10) +0
Isaiah Thomas (7.5/10) -.5

A lot of people are giving up on him.  He will be back as a fantasy option once the Kings give up on their season towards the closing weeks.


Jeremy Lin (8.2/10) -.1
Carmelo Anthony (8.6/10) +0
Amare Stoudemire (8.6/10) +.2
Tyson Chandler (7.9/10) +0
Iman Shumpert (6.6/10) +0
Landry Fields (6.6/10) -.3
J.R. Smith (6.9/10) +0



Kobe Bryant (10/10) +0
Andrew Bynum (9.3/10) +0
Pau Gasol (8.9/10) +0



Dwight Howard (10/10) +0
Jason Richardson (7.4/10) +.3
Jameer Nelson (7.8/10) +.2

Jameer is stepping it up as a nice fantasy option racking up the 3PTM, and assists. If Nelson is still a FA, he has been sitting on there for two weeks to long.

Ryan Anderson (8.4/10) +0
Hedo Turkolgu (7.6/10) +0



Dirk Nowitzki (8.7/10) -.1
Jason Kidd (7.3/10) +0
Shawn Marion (7.6/10) +0
Jason Terry (7.3/10) +.2
Vince Carter (6.2/10) +0




Deron Williams (9.9/10) -.1
Brook Lopez (7.5/10) -1.1
Kris Humphries (8.3/10) +.3
Anthony Morrow (7.1/10) +0
MarShon Brooks (7.5/10) +.2



Ty Lawson (8.7/10) +.1
Andre Miller (7.6/10) +0
Nene Hilario (7.6/10) +.2
Danilo Gallinari (7.7/10) -.1
Aaron Afflalo (7.3/10) +.2
Al Harrington (7/10) +.4


Danny Granger (8.8/10) +0
Darren Collison (7.1/10) +0
Paul George (8.2/10) +0
Roy Hibbert (8.3/10) -.2

Losing value as the offense has so many people that demands touches.  You can still count on the rebounds and blocks, but his scoring his taken a step down.

David West (8/10) +.1
Tyler Hansbrough (5.9/10) +0
George Hill (5.8/10) +0



Brandon Knight (8.1/10) +.2
Greg Monroe (8.9/10) +.1
Rodney Stuckey (8/10) +.2
Ben Gordon (7.5/10) +.2
Tayshaun Prince (7.4/10) -.1


Austin Daye (6/10) +.2

Daye could be my next Biyombo.  You got to pick this guy up if your team is desperate to make a splash in the playoffs.  He has 20+ Point game potential with blocks and rebounds.  In deeper leagues if you have the room, grab him.  A Tayshaun Prince trade is all it takes.



Jose Calderon (7.8/10) -.2

Calderon is proving that he can be a relevant fantasy option despite the Raptors having so much talent at the guard position.  7 Assists are expected every game, everything else is a bonus.  However with the ankle injury Bayless has a chance to reclaim his position.

Jerryd Bayless (7.2/10) +.2

Bayless was once the man for this team, he scored 30 Points before injuring his ankle and has not get his chance again since.  The Raptors have to move Calderon for Bayless to get his value back.  Or this new ankle injury to Calderon is exactly what he needed for his value.

DeMar DeRozan (7.7/10) +.1

With Andrea Bargnani it may not look good for DeRozan to be a consistent 20+ point per game type of guy.  However he is a franchise player on that team, I just can’t see the 20+ shot attempts coming anymore.

Andrea Bargnani (7.7/10) +1

Finally healthy, Bargs will look to be a force at the position.  When he was healthy, 20 point games were expected almost every night.


James Johnson (7.2/10) +.2

Johnson will see his role decrease with Bargs back.  Less scoring opportunities, and still the Linas Kleiza factor.  If Kleiza is doing well, Johnson will be benched.  Recently he has been doing well, but Gerald Wallace 2.0 is now experience what Gerald Wallace is going through in Portland.  A lot of scoring options.

Amir Johnson (6.4/10) +0

Amir is only due to see less playing time with Bargs healthy.  He has to compete with Bargs, and Davis for playing time.  8 Point, 8 Rebounds would be great, but not likely.

Ed Davis (6.1/10) +0

With Bargs healthy he now has another guy in front of him on the depth chart.  The good news is, there is hope that Ed Davis is the starting big man down the line when the Raptors decide to throw in the towel.  Huge rebound and block shot potential.


Linas Kleiza (6.3/10) +0

Kleiza is inconsistent as a fantasy option, and you can hope for one solid game a week.  With Bargs healthy, there is no time for him besides replacing James Johnson.



Kevin Martin (8.4/10) +0

Despite Kevin Martin struggling and being inconsistent, I am not giving up on him. He was an elite scorer last year he could score 20+ Points for games upon games in a row.  With Kyle Lowry injured, and the trade deadline having rumors that Lowry could be on the move.  I expect Kevin Martin to keep shooting the ball and eventually finding his groove.  Not a lot of options will give you 3PTM, Points, Steals, FT% like this guy.

Kyle Lowry (8/10) -.5

Bad news that Lowry has an ankle injury that will sideline him through the weekend.  There are rumors that he could be moved, but that is on the hush for now.  When healthy and 100%, Jason Kidd 2.0. * Out 2-4 Weeks with ankle injury.  Pick up Dragic.

Samuel Dalemert (7.3/10) +.4

Samuel has now played three straight games of 34+ Minutes.  That is all his value needs to go to the next level and become a starting fantasy option again.  Hopefully this time coach McHale will not switch it up and bench their big man.  The blocks are not coming like they were, but the rebounding is in double digits and he is actually putting up shot attempts averaging over 11 a game in his last 3.

Luis Scola (7.9/10) +.3

Scola has been playing better as of late as a fantasy option.  5 of his last 7 games have been double digit rebounding and he had 6 straight double digit scoring games before only having 9 in his last one thanks to a blowout.  There is a chance the Rockets move him, but either way Luis is finding his game again.


Chandler Parsons (7.2/10) +.3

Parsons is on his way to becoming the man going forward for the Rockets at the Small Forward position.  However the trade deadline is coming up, and the Rockets are a team that are expected to make a move.  So before you get too excited about him, you should wait to see what their roster is after the deadline.  For now he was the winner of “Triangle Slash.”  The 2012 heavy guitar forward group of Courntey “Lil” Lee, Chandler “Fresh” Parsons, and Chase “mugatu” Budinger.

Goran Dragic (7.5/10)

Once the backup to Steve Nash, now gets thrown into the fire.  He can blow up a box score and he has 2-4 weeks to do it as often as he can.  Add him in all leagues.



Manu Ginobili (8.4/10) +.3

Manu appears to be back which is huge news for his fantasy owners.  15-5-5 can be expected going forward with the potential for a lot more.  Manu could have an increased role as the season progresses and Tim Duncan finally starts racking up the DNPs we are all expecting.

Tony Parker (8.5/10) -.1

Parker was starting to really heat up before the quad injury scoring 32 and 25 Points in back-to-back games.  The Spurs need Parker to carry them this season along with Ginobili, as Tim Duncan cannot put this team on his back like he used to.  Parker is a bit deceiving from a fantasy stand point as he really only gets points and assists with one steal.

Tim Duncan (8/10) -.1

Duncan is not dominating with double-doubles the way we would expect from the 1st half of the season.  He still is putting up good enough numbers to warrant starting in a majority of leauges.  There is only reason to think at the age of 35 he is not going to get fresher.

Tiago Splitter (6.4/10) -.2

Tiago is getting back in shape to be a fantasy option heading towards the fantasy playoffs, his minutes are not enough for any fantasy impact now.  Though that can change later on when Tim Duncan rests towards the season end.

Richard Jefferson (6.7/10) +0

Richard Jefferson has only scored in double digits twice since February 18th.  Jefferson is not even being the 3PTM killer he once was either only hitting 1 in his past 3 games.

Dejuan Blair (6.4/10) +0

Blair is inconsistent and will put up one big game every blue moon.  He does not warrant being on any fantasy roster as there is no guarantee you will get a useable game.



Steve Nash (8.8/10) +0

Nash is the Kris Humphries of Assists.  You can always expect low double-double numbers.  A trade at the deadline would most likely increase  his value as he would be passing the ball to better shooters.

Jared Dudley (7.6/10) +.2

Dudley has played over 34 Minutes each of the last 4 games and is averaging nearly 10 Rebounds a game.  His scoring appears to safe in the 16 Points or more range to go along with nice intangibles.  Huge contributor in the fantasy playoffs a season ago.

Marcin Gortat (8.9/10) +.2

Gortat is a double-double beast and put Kendrick Perkins even more to shame with a 28 Point, 11 Rebound performance.  How the might have fallen.  Frye appears to have no effect on his value.

Channing Frye (7.5/10) -.2

Frye appears to be heading in the wrong direction averaging less than 10 Points a game in his last 5.  However the Suns feel they are a better team with him, and that is their best chance of winning.  Markieff Morris should take over by the team the fantasy playoffs roll around.

Grant Hill (7.1/10) +.2

8 of the last 10 games, Hill has scored 10 Points or more.  He is seeing a constant 30 Minutes and appears to be a very safe option if you need a body at the position who will more likely than not have a decent game.

Markieff Morris (6.8/10) +.3

With Channing Frye struggling, the writing on the wall is getting brighter for Morris to become a very relevant fantasy option come playoff time.  He should be solid in all leagues three weeks from now.



Kevin Durant (10/10) +0

Averaging 32.33 Points in his last 9 games, Durant is about as money as it gets from a fantasy player.  27 3PTMs during that stretch helps as well.


Russell Westbrook (9.6/10) +0

Russell is solid as a scoring fantasy guard.  His turnover rate has dropped these past 4 games as has only turned it over 9 times total.  It would be nice if he could lean more towards the 10 Assist range, than the 4 Assist range.


Serge Ibaka (8.3/10) +.2

Serge showed if he gets 40 Minutes a game he is worth a 1st round pick in fantasy leagues.  To score 18 Points to go along with 20 Rebounds is absurd.  Especially when you factor in he has already blocked 10 shots twice in a game this season.

James Harden (8.4/10) +.1

Harden got his first 30 point game of the season Wednesday against the Suns.  That does come a bit as a surprise, but he should continue to be a better version of Manu Ginobili all season long.



Gerald Wallace (7.5/10) +0

Gerald Wallace has a streak of two of the last three game has been positive for his fantasy value.  The last time he went on such a streak was, February 14th and 15th.  The time before that was February 1st.  The time before that, December 26th.  Time to trade Gerald for whatever you can get. His value is only dropping with the Blazers roster having guys demanding more shots.

Raymond Felton (7.6/10) +1.1

I am confident that Raymond Felton will hold onto the starting PG spot the rest of the season.  He is looking great in the role the second time around, averaging 17 Points and 9.5 Assists per game.  Ray Ray could potentially be moved to the Lakers which would really boost his fantasy value.

Wesley Matthews (6.9/10) +.2

A move to the bench has helped Wesley Matthews becomes a more relevant fantasy option.  Who would have figured that be the case.  Wesley is not only hovering the 15 Point marker more consistently, he is getting more intangibles with blocks, steals, and a few 3PTM.  Obviously you can do better than Wesley, but you can also do a lot worse.

LaMarcus Aldrdige (8.9/10) -.3

LaMarcus needs a big weekend, as his last great game came before the ankle injury where he scored 33 Points and grabbed 12 Rebounds February 11th.  Aldridge needs to get back to that level because lately 20 Points and 7 Rebounds sounds like a solid game for LaMarcus.

Marcus Camby (7/10) +.2

Camby showed a flash that he was going to be a more impactful fantasy option after grabbing 16 Rebounds Monday.  He still has the chance to keep going with it as the next he followed it up with 7 Rebounds in 17 Minutes in a blowout loss.  If Camby has a big weekend, time to put him in your lineup if you need a huge boost in rebounding.  Marcus is a streaky player.

Jamal Crawford (7.8/10) -.5

A move to the bench is hurting Jamal’s fantasy value.  His shot is not going down, and the days of 20 Points and 7 Assists seem to be put on hold for now.  Crawford needs to break out of this slump to be on the fantasy train again.

Nicolas Batum (8.5/10) +.2

Throw out last game where he scored 9 Points because the Blazers got blown out.  Looking at Batum since February 14th he has shot the ball anywhere from 13-24 times a game.  His fantasy value remains high not only because he puts up solid scoring numbers, but 17 Blocks, and 24 3PTM’s,  Good enough to make sure I get him next season in fantasy.  Hopefully the Blazers have one less scoring option by the time the trade deadline passes.



Last Update 3/10/12 4:30pm PCT

*Rubio and the T-Wolves will be revised after their game.  I do expect everyone to be fine with Luke Ridnour’s value going up, as Rubio was doing very little to begin with before going down.  The offense will be more direct and less fancy which should allow the ball to go where it needs to go quicker.

Kevin Love (10/10) +0

Love is averaging over 36 Points a game in his last three.  The rebounds have stayed elite with over 14 a clip during that span.  The stat that really puts him over the top is the 13 3PTM.  He is on his way to challenging Lebron for fantasy MVP. * he will be fine.

Nikola Pekovic (8.3/10) +.3

Peko has to have a big stretch of good games to get fantasy owners on his bandwagon again.  The foot injury was a bad set back to what was looking like the downfall of Peko to begin with. * Nikola is back.

Michael Beasley (7.1/10) +.1

I guess shooting the ball once every two minutes does find a way to get you benched.  Beasley needs to get traded to a different team in order to have fantasy value the rest of the way.  A move to the Lakers is the best case scenario as of now.  Otherwise he will not be a fantasy option the rest of the way. * He could see more playing time.

Derrick Williams (7.3/10) +.1

Williams is starting to get the appropriate minutes and production to think he has the chance to make a fantasy impact.  13 Points and 8 Rebounds a game in his last three, including his last game where he saw 33 Minutes.  There is hope he becomes a consistent fantasy contributor this season. * More playing time, but still looks lost out there.

Luke Ridnour (7.3/10) +.6

Luke has been benefiting the bad play Rubio situation more than anyone.  In his last 4 games he has seen 30+ Minutes of action, including one game where he ran 42 minutes and put up 15 Points to go along with 8 Assists.  Luke’s last game he put up 22 Points and is on his way to fantasy dominance. *This is his chance to be a star, now would be a great time to pick him up.



Monta Ellis (8.6/10) +0

Monta is getting his shot attempts, but that can all come to an end if he gets traded by the deadline.  Or when Stephen Curry becomes a bigger part of the offense which could cause some more inconsistency in Ellis’s game.

Stephen Curry (8.6/10) +.1

Curry is healthy which makes you believe he is ready to explode.  If he has a big week by next Friday, his value will continue to increase.

David Lee (8.6/10) -.2

Lee is in a bit of a downfall with the Warriors playing lousy, and Steph Curry coming back.  Lee should still be a solid double-double machine but his lines need to get stronger.

Dorrell Wright (7/10) -.2

Dorrell’s fantasy value is holding on by a thread after another 0 point performance.  Third time in the past few weeks of NBA action.

Ekpe Udoh (7.4/10) +.4

Now the official starting center, Ekpe is ready to get some big block shot numbers.

Brandon Rush (7.2/10) +.4

Dorrell Wright scoring 0 Points once again shows that Rush is bound to get a consistent 30+ Minutes every night sometime very soon.



John Wall (8.7/10) -.2

Nick Young and Jordan Crawford demand a lot of shot attempts that may lower Wall’s ability for huge games.

Nick Young (7.7/10) +0

Young needs a solid week+ to get everyone back on his bandwagon with confidence heading into playoff time.

Trevor Booker (6.6/10) +0

Holding off Andray Blatche for now.  It will not be long before that switches.

Javale McGee (7.8/10) +0

Still not getting the minutes he needs to be a consistent fantasy beast.  The potential is there.

Jordan Crawford (7.7/10) +.1

With Nick Young back into play it is hard to trust Jordan Crawford as much as it was to start the week.  Crawford should still be huge come fantasy playoff time and he is still taking 14+ Shots every night.


Andray Blatche (6.4/10) +.2..

Good news is, he is healthy.  Bad news is, Blatche is still riding the bench.

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