Drew Gooden

By Muntradamus:

The Egg McMuffin of fantasy opportunities has now officially fallen into the lap of Drew Gooden.

Drew has now made 7 starts for the off and on injured Andrew Bogut going into Saturday.  In those 7 starts Drew Gooden has scored 18 Points or more 5 times including Friday nights monster performance of 23 Points, 15 Rebounds, and 6 Assists.  With the news that Bogut will be out for 2-3 months with a fractured ankle means, that not only will Drew Gooden get more starts.  But Drew gets what could be his final chance to revitalize his career.

Drew Gooden was a star at the University of Kansas and was taken 4th overall back in 2002.  Over his 9 year NBA career he has been on 9 different teams, and his best season came in the 04-05 campaign when he averaged 14 Points, and 9 Rebounds per game.  Those numbers are easily in reach if the Bucs decide that Gooden is their answer to replace Bogut.  So far this season, Gooden has given Milwaukee every reason to believe that is the case.  If Drew falters look for Ersan Illysova and his 3PT shot to jump in for the opportunity.  Ersan notched 19 Rebounds the game that Bogut went down Wednesday Night, and 15 Points Saturday Night against the Lakers.

Drew Gooden will not give you a lot in the steals, or blocks department.  But he can knock down his FT demonstrated by his 10/10 showing Friday Night, and will give you the occasional 3 PTFG, to go along with his high potential Rebounds and Points.

Start Drew Gooden in all leagues this week as this is his time to shine, if he is a Free Agent in your league, you should be adding him as you finish reading this sentence..

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