Fantasy Basketball QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Trade Jeremy Lin?

Fantasy Basketball QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Trade Jeremy Lin?

Brendan Asks:

I have Jeremy Lin, but I don’t like the prospect of Carmelo coming back and Lin’s turnovers are killing me. Who should I try trading Lin for? I need somebody who gives me a combination of points and assists.


By Muntradamus.


Not only is the prospect of Carmelo Anthony coming back, but so is Baron Davis (maybe Monday).  To make the situation even more complicated, lets enter J.R. Smith.  A shoot first, shoot second, shoot third player who is coming off a 33 Points per game CBA season.

You know Melo is going to take his shots since he is the 100 Million dollar man.  You know Amare is going to take his shots, because try convincing Amare to pass the rock when he has a one-on-one situation.  Tyson Chandler will take a fantasy value hit with less shot attempts.  But most importantly Jeremy Lin will take a huge blow.

Now is the time to trade him!

Lin has to hold off; Baron Davis, Iman Shumpert, J.R. Smith, and Landry Fields to avoid being in a rotation.  Although this Lin story has been amazing, expecting it to last another month is not likely.  But then again this whole Lin story is not likely.

Who would I trade Lin for if you need someone to take his role:

(Trade Analyzer)

(In this order)

Tony Parker
Kyle Lowry
Brandon Jennings
Kyrie Irving
Mike Conley
Ty Lawson
Ricky Rubio
Jose Calderon

..If you must trade him.  Brandon Knight.

I would not take anything less than this group of guys.  Linsanity should still gather good assists numbers, but his scoring will take a hit.

I imagine numbers for Jeremy Lin projected out the rest of the season: (11 Points. 5 Assists. 4 Rebounds.).

It’s not because of a lack of talent.  It’s simply because the offense will change to Melo’s style, hold the ball and go one-on-one.  It will be because Baron Davis needs his 20 Minutes a game.  If Iman Shumpert falls out of the rotation, that is the best chance for Lin to keep rolling as a fantasy basketball star.




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