Fantasy Basketball Muntradamus Player Update Part 2.

Fantasy Basketball Muntradamus Player Update Part 2.

By Muntradamus



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(Muntradamus Player Update Part 1)



Dwight Howard (10/10) +0

D12 is the option at the center position in all fantasy leagues.  Blocks, steals, points, rebounds.  The only thing he does not do is FT%.  In fact he kills you in the category.

Jason Richardson (7.1/10) +.3

Richardson looks to be locked and loaded as the starting SG for the remainder of the season.  J-Rich brings nice steals, and 3PTM potential to the table as he should be a solid option the rest of the way.

Jameer Nelson (7.6/10) +.3

Jameer has found his game again and is back to being a consistent PG that could be starting in all leagues.  He brings some nice 3PTM to the table, but his assist total is what makes him what he is.

Ryan Anderson (8.4/10) -.1

Rhino has been struggling lately in the rebound department, but his 3PTM more than makes up for it.  This season’s top 3PT specialist remains an elite option and a great trading piece if you need to upgrade at another position.

Hedo Turkolgu (7.6/10) +.4

Turkoglu is Andre Iguodala version 0.8.  He brings nice assist potential from the forward spot, occasionally he will knock down a couple 3PTM.  It would be nice if he could score more consistently.



Dirk Nowitzki (8.8/10) +.1

In Dirk we trust.  Nowitzki is on a fantasy tear, and there is no reason to believe he will slow down anytime soon.  He remains an elite option thanks to his elite scoring ability.

Jason Kidd (7.3/10) +0

Kidd is not the Kidd you expected when you drafted him.  No reason to think he will rebound now, literally. 

Shawn Marion (7.6/10) +0

Marion definitely lost a lot of value when Nowitzki returned from his injury about a month ago.  Marion still sees 30+ Minutes which is enough for him to fill the stat sheet in multiple categories.

Jason Terry (7.1/10) +.4

Terry has competition from Roddy B., and Vince Carter.  When he is out there, he is a scoring machine and should remain a safe option going forward.  Inconsistency is the only thing that plagues him.

Vince Carter (6.2/10) +0

Vinsanity is back to the bench, which means if he wasn’t a waiver wire option before.  He is now.

Delonte West (5.3/10) +0

Buried on the bench, waiver wire.

Roddy B. (6.2/10)

Nice to see Roddy B. got his starting job back.  Problem is the Mavs are so deep it is hard to depend on him showing any consistency.  He is there for the desperate owners who need a big changeup to get back into the competition.



Deron Williams (10/10) +.1

With BroLo out for three weeks, you can expect Deron Williams to continue to be a scoring monster.  57 Points Sunday is just a reminder why he is the #1 PG in fantasy basketball.  Maybe the #1 guard overall.

Brook Lopez (8.6/10) +.7

Out three weeks, Lopez definitely losses a lot of value.  When he is healthy, he proves that he can and will shoot the ball 20+ times a game which makes him an elite option.

Kris Humphries (8/10) +0

Humphries will be very fantasy relevant again now that Lopez is out.  Time to buy-low on the former Kardashian lover who will be a solid double-double guy the rest of the way.

Anthony Morrow (7.1/10) +.3

Morrow is a 3PTM specialist.  When the Nets need scoring they will turn to Anthony off the bench to light it up.  With no Lopez you can expect more shot attempts.

MarShon Brooks (7.3/10) -.3

Just when you thought Brooks was about to lose all his value, Brook Lopez goes down once again.  Brooks is temporarily saved, and now would be a good time to think about dealing him once he puts together a few solid games.  He proved he cannot coexist in an offense with BroLo.



Ty Lawson (8.6/10) +.5

Lawson was one of the fantasy MVP’s of the second half of the season, and it would not be a surprise to see him finish the same way.  Lawson is a 3×2 type of PG which makes him extremely valuable.

Andre Miller (7.6/10) -.1

Miller is due to suffer with all the Nuggets returning to full strength.  Now would be a good time to sell him for a 3PT machine such as Mo Williams.  Or even take Jarrett Jack who looks to be the man in New Orleans.

Nene Hilario (7.4/10) +0

Nene is finally healthy but now has Kenneth Faried in his way.  It will be interesting to see how the situation develops, but I expect Nene to get his job back.  He is the veteran, and although Faried may be better.  Nene has the name.


Danilo Gallinari (7.8/10) +.7

Danilo is healthy and now finds himself in a situation where PT may be tough.  Luckily for him he is their franchise player, so completely outplaying Corey Brewer so he stays on the bench should not be a problem.  I expect Danilo to be a fine fantasy option by the end of the week.

Aaron Afflalo (7.1/10) +.4

It was nice while it lasted, now with the Nuggets gaining full strength you can expect Afflalo to lose some fantasy value.  Andre Miller will need his minutes, Corey Brewer will need his minutes.  Aaron will have to dominate to stay relevant.

Al Harrington (6.6/10) +0

Al now has Kenneth Faried and Nene to battle minutes with.  A tough situation, but I expect them to go extra small in their lineup and run Harrington at the center spot.  Either way he will stay a bit inconsistent with the potential for some big games just because of his ability alone.

Wilson Chandler (6.6/10) +0

Contemplating playing the rest of the season in Italy so he can get a long-term deal.  If he does not sign soon, I would give up hope.



Danny Granger (8.8/10) +0

Granger is a machine on a team that has too many options.  He still stays as a fantasy monster from the forward position which just shows you how valuable he is.  Some may think I overrate him, but he can explode to his true self at any point.

Darren Collison (7.1/10) -.2

Collison is a garbage starting fantasy guard.  The big games barely come, and when they do, they never last more than one game in a row.  George Hill is a threat off the bench to take 20+ Minutes and I expect that to continue to all season long.

Paul George (8.2/10) +.2

Paul George knows how to fill up the stat sheet with the best of them.  The Pacers do have a lot of options, which is a bit of a downfall to George, but he still gets the job done.

Roy Hibbert (8.5/10) +.1

Hibbert may not score consistently anymore because there are not enough shots to go around.  He still will dominate the glass and give you some solid block shot numbers.  I would look to trade him for possibly Andrea Bargnani if you need points more than the intangibles.

David West (7.9/10) +0

West has found his form after a slow start to the season.  Like all Pacers his shot attempts are a bit inconsistent, but when it all said and done he finishes with double-doubles and some blocks. 

Tyler Hansbrough (5.9/10) +0

Hansbrough is looking better off the bench, and it should not take long for him to be a fantasy starter in all leagues if West or Hibbert ever went down.  His rebounding potential would be great in that situation.

George Hill (5.8/10) +0

Hill has the potential to be the starting PG on this team, but he has been a disappointment this entire season.  The 20 Point games are not coming at all, and he looks no better than Collison when out there.  He will get his chances, though he is not making the most of them.



Brandon Knight (7.9/10) +.1

Brandon Knight looks poised to have a huge run for the 2nd half of the playoffs.  The Pistons will be eliminated, and at that point they want to see what they got with Knight when he runs 40+ Minutes once again every night.

Greg Monroe (8.9/10) +.1

Monroe is a beast at the center spot and should continue to put up 20-10 games fairly consistently.  He will be drafted very high next season as one of the top centers in the game.

Rodney Stuckey (7.8/10) +.4

Stuckey is looking like the man on the team that can really run the squad.  He has completely outplayed Ben Gordon so Gordon has nobody to really come in for.  I expect Stuckey to continue to play well as he makes a name for himself as the franchise player.

Ben Gordon (7.3/10) +0

Gordon is a shooting machine, in 20 Minutes he can put up 20 Points.  The problem is he isn’t and he remains a bench option at most in all fantasy leagues.  Unless you need some cheap 3PTM.  Think poor man Mo Williams.

Tayshaun Prince (7.5/10) +0

Tayshaun is one of those guys that can get moved at the trade deadline.  If that were to occur I would expect his value to decrease a bit.  He is a player that is fantasy relevant because of the amount of minutes he receives, not talent.

Austin Daye (5.8/10) +0

Daye owners are waiting for their chance to have the most explosive forward in fantasy make a name for himself.  The trade deadline proves to be a huge time for Daye and this season.



Jose Calderon (8/10) +0

Calderon is still staying fantasy relevant because of his assist total.  It will not be surprising at all to see him get traded to a contender where he will either act as a nice role player, or someone who can increase his total.  Either way the Raptors are making him a sketchy option long term.

Jerryd Bayless (7/10) +.2

Their future scorer is waiting in the confines for his chance to be a fantasy superstar.  The game Bayless went down and lost his starting role he scored 30 Points the game before.  The Raptors have not given him that kind of opportunity since returning.

DeMar DeRozan (7.6/10) -.1

DeRozan is a bit inconsistent as a fantasy option, hopefully that changes when they realize they are eliminated from the playoffs.  With Andrea Bargnani returning very soon, you can expect that scoring to be even more inconsistent.

Andrea Bargnani (6.7/10) +0

Bargs should be back by Wednesday.  When he returns you can expect the 20 Point consistent scoring center once he gets his legs back and run 30+ Minutes.

James Johnson (7/10) +.2

James is quietly one of the most valuable players in fantasy this season.  Gerald Wallace 2.0 is a sleeper in all leagues and will be a huge component of championship teams, including mine.  7 Assists Monday and always a threat for big rebound/steal/block numbers.

Amir Johnson (6.4/10) +0

Amir hustles with the best of them, but he also has enough competition for PT that he cannot stay a relevant fantasy option.  The Raptors situation at the PF/C spot gets even harder when Bargs returns soon.

Ed Davis (6.1/10) +.4

Ed is a rebounding, block shot machine waiting for his chance to explode.  This season, it will not come as easily as his owners would like.  With Bargs returning soon, it is unlikely Davis gets the opportunities he desires to be a relevant consistent fantasy option.

Linas Kleiza (6.3/10) +.5

Kleiza is the James Johnson killer.  If Kleiza is scoring at will, then James will only get 20+ Minutes a game.  If Kleiza is off, then Johnson will run around 40 Minutes.  When Kleiza is on, he is a better fantasy option than players like David West.  You will get about one of those performances a week.



Kevin Martin (8.4/10) +.2

Kev Mart has been on a roller coaster all season long.  Just when you thought his value was gone he will put up a 38 Point performance.  His 3PTM and Steal potential to go along with his amazing FT% and Points make him an elite option that should not be traded for nothing just as special in return.

Kyle Lowry (8.6/10) +.1

Jason Kidd 2.0 looks to wrap up this season as the player he started.  Nothing to complain about as he should keep it going all season long, there is a small chance he gets traded at the deadline, but it is not likely.

Samuel Dalemert (6.9/10) +.2

Dalembert is starting to get his minutes, but not enough to remain as the top center option he was at the beginning of the season.  Hopefully he is on your bench and not a starting option.

Luis Scola (7.6/10) +.1

Scola has rebounded, literally, a nice comeback to his season.  More consistent double-doubles now that Dalembert is not playing 30+ Minutes a game to suck up all the rebounds.  Scola should be his typical self for the time being.

Chandler Parsons (6.9/10) +0

Parsons is still the leader of “Triangle Slash.”  The group containing Courtney Lee, and Chase Budinger.  Parsons is a poor man’s Grant Hill.



Manu Ginobili (8.1/10) +.1

Manu is back, and it should not take long for him to get his 15-5-5.  Manu is a very versatile fantasy option and he should be owned in every single league.

Tony Parker (8.6/10) -.1

Parker is due to take a hit in value with Manu’s return.  Parker does not do much besides assists and points.

Tim Duncan (8.1/10) +.1

It is amazing Duncan has been around this late in the season to still be a productive fantasy option.  I would try to trade him for Kris Humphries if I can.

Tiago Splitter (6.6/10) +0

Tiago is the most talented big man on the team, and it will not take long for him to be treated that way, especially with the busy compact schedule coming up.

Richard Jefferson (6.7/10) +0

Jefferson may give you a lot in the 3PTM category, but he will also hurt you in all the other categories.  He is a trickster in fantasy leagues.

Dejuan Blair (6.4/10) +.3

Blair is barely staying fantasy relevant, he will have a big game every now and then.  For the most part he is waiver wire material.



Steve Nash (8.8/10) +0

Nash is playing like his elite self and there is no reason to think that will change anytime soon.  The offense runs through Steve and he will bring you double digit assists nightly.

Jared Dudley (7.4/10) +.1

Dudley got his starting job back, and he looks lock and loaded to be a solid role player on your fantasy roster heading towards the playoffs.

Marcin Gortat (8.7/10) +0

Gortat still remains the go-to-guy in the Suns offense.  No reason to think that will change anytime soon.

Channing Frye (7.7/10) +0

Frye can do enough damage in 20+ Minutes than most centers can do in a whole game.  If you need 3PTM, find a way to trade for this versatile big man who also gets a nice amount of blocks.

Grant Hill (6.9/10) +.4

The fountain of youth has found Grant Hill.  The second oldest player in the NBA is still finding ways to play 30+ Minutes a night.  It will be interesting to see if he will get traded to a contender so he can win that championship.

Markieff Morris (6.5/10) +0

Definitely a big part of their future, Markieff may see some nice PT in April.  That will all depend on what moves the Suns make as they reach the deadline.



Kevin Durant (10/10) +0

K.Dirty has fallen to the #3 player in fantasy behind Kevin Love.  Still, Durant remains an elite option and can easily carry you to a fantasy championship.

Russell Westbrook (9.6/10) +.1

Russell is an elite option, even with a sprained ankle he will fill up the stat sheet with the best of them.

Serge Ibaka (8.1/10) -.1

Serge has fallen into a bad rotation now not seeing consistent 30+ Minutes.  Hopefully that changes sooner than later, as he has gone through this scenario already this season.

James Harden (8.3/10) +.3

James is not putting up elite numbers, but they are still good enough to be starting in all fantasy leagues.  Harden will be a solid player and continue to see starter minutes coming off the bench.



Gerald Wallace (7.5/10) -.2

Wallace is a nice all-around player who is not performing on a consistent basis.  After a breakout game over the weekend, now is the time to trade the struggling forward on a team that has too many options.

Raymond Felton (6.5/10) -.3

Felton got his starting PG spot back, there is a chance he gets traded to the Lakers which would really catapult his fantasy value.

Wesley Matthews (6.7/10) +.3

Matthews is looking a lot better coming off the bench then starting.  Not only does he hover the 15 Point mark more consistently, but he also is getting more blocks and steals thanks to being fresher than the other players when he enters.

LaMarcus Aldridge (9.2/10) -.1

Aldridge is was losing fantasy value with Jamal Crawford at the PG spot.  Now that Felton is back, look for LaMarcus to get his touches back up and go back to the consistent beast he once was.

Marcus Camby (6.8/10) +0

Camby is a streaky player, when he is hot make sure he is in your fantasy lineup as he usually carries out his streaks for a couple of weeks before going back to a 20 Minute per game option.


Jamal Crawford (8.3/10) +.1

Jamal was a great fantasy option as the starting PG.  Now that he is going back to the bench it is tough to say where his value will be.  Still he is an explosive scorer who can do plenty of damage in 25+ Minutes and is not a bad start at all.

Nicolas Batum (8.3/10) +.1

Batum is one of the story book players of this season.  Batum was on the bench being inconsistent to start the season, now he is a starter and maybe one of the most valuable options in the game.  Treat him like so.



Ricky Rubio (8.1/10) -.1

Rubio has lost a lot of confidence with his offensive game.  The good news is, the assists and steals should be there all season long.  With Kevin Love dominating, Rubio should be able to feed off of the positive energy.

Kevin Love (10/10) +0

The #2 option in all fantasy basketball, Kevin Love is starting to give LBJ a run for his money at the #1 option.  What Lebron does in assists, Love makes up for it in rebounds and 3PTM.

Nikola Pekovic (8.3/10) -.1

Peko is on his way to a free fall in the second half.  He needs  a few solid games in a row to really get back on the good side of his fantasy owners.  The good news is, when he is out there double-doubles are still approachable.  Hopefully the foot injury is nothing too serious.

Michael Beasley (7.3/10) -.2

Beasley is on the bottom of the bench, and it will take a trade for him to be relevant in fantasy again.  The shoot first, shoot second, shoot third approach does not work when you are not hitting your shots.

Derrick Williams (6.7/10) +.3

Williams has climbed his way up the depth chart to see around 20+ Minutes a night.  I expect Williams to be relevant in fantasy once again soon.  However it will take a T-Wolves playoff elimination and then them seeing if he can play SF.

Luke Ridnour (6.3/10) +.7

Luke, aka the Choosen one is now turning into a vital part of this T-Wolve offense.  As long as Rubio is suffering offensively, Ridnour will be fantasy relevant in deeper leagues.



Monta Ellis (8.6/10) +.1

Monta appears to be the big name who will be traded at this year’s deadline.  He has been a bit inconsistent all season long, and now will bring that to the table with most likely a squad where he will have to fit into a system.  Monta is not the fantasy option he was a season ago.

Stephen Curry (8.5/10) -.1

Steph cannot stay healthy.  When he is out there he has the potential to play like a 1st round value pick.  It was nice to see him play Monday.

David Lee (8.8/10) +.1

David Lee has benifited the most from the abscense of Curry and the inconsistency of Monta Ellis.  David Lee is an outstanding double-double option.

Dorrell Wright (7.2/10) -.3

Dorrell has been struggling all season, and it would not come at a great surprise to see him be replaced by Brandon Rush at somepoint this season.

Ekpe Udoh (7/10) +.2

Ekpe is now starting at center which really raises his fantasy value.  Block shots, rebounds, and nice scoring can be expected by the up and coming fantasy center.

Brandon Rush (6.8/10) +.4

Rush offers a lot from the forward position with his 3PTM and steals.  He could be a nice sleeper if you are desperate in deeper formats.



John Wall (8.9/10) +.2

Wall is past his days of inconsistent lines.  He is crawling into that elite level quickly, it would be nice if he can knock down some more 3PTM.

Nick Young (7.7/10) -.2

Nick Young has been on a roller coaster lately, but his scoring is too elite to ignore.  When he gets the job back he will be a must-start option.  Him and Jordan Crawford can co-exist.

Trevor Booker (6.6/10) +.4

Booker is seeing his fantasy value days come to an end.  It will not be before long that Blatche becomes the #1 PF on that roster as he is by far the more talented player.

Javale McGee (7.8/10) -.1

McGee has been the headache of all fantasy headaches.  He appears to be on the wrong side of coach Whitman’s favorite players.  As long as he gets his minutes he will be productive, getting those minutes have not been easy.

Jordan Crawford (7.6/10) +.2

Jor Craw is one of the hottest fantasy basketball players today.  His scoring remains elite, and he brings the intangibles.  Last seasons fantasy MVP of the playoffs will look for a repeat performance.

Andray Blatche (6.2/10) +.6

Blatche is back and it will not take long for him to get that starting PF spot back.  Andray has the potential to be a 20-10 guy consistently, first his owners want to see 10-10 before they get to that level.

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