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Beast Dome community,

The mid-way point for fantasy basketball is coming up.  Instead of doing the traditional player update with a brief paragraph to recap the player. I will be projecting out the 2nd half of the season by giving their outlook, along with if I think there stats will increase in the different categories.

Let’s get to it..

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  • Jeremy Lin. 8 Points, 8 Turnovers, 3 Assists.  On his way down.
  • Chris Bosh explodes for 25 Points.
  • Ryan Anderson struggles again.  Good thing the break is coming.
  • Kirk Hinrich started for Joe Johnson. 6 Points, 4 Assists.
  • Dejuan Blair. 28 Points, 12 Rebounds.
  • Andre Miller, 20 Points 7 Assists in start for Lawson.
  • Kobe Bryant, 24 Points on 24 Shot attempts.  I see a trend.
  • Serge Ibaka. 11 Points, 13 Rebounds, 3 Blocks.  Fantasy Beast.






Ty Lawson (8.1/10)

Stats: Increase in minutes, points, and assists.

Second Half Outlook: Lawson is dealing with an ankle injury that will not go away.  The Nuggets are a bad team to get injured on since they have so many people that can step up.  The good news is, the Nuggets have gone back to Lawson when he has been hurt before and Andre Miller is only getting older.  The breakout version of Lawson’s season may happen towards the end.

Andre Miller (7.4/10)

Stats: Role will stay the same in the second half.

Second Half Outlook: Andre has gone from good assist guy, to must-start option, to questionable drop, to must-start again.  If anything you know you’re going to get a good quality assist guard who can come off the bench and grab at least 6.  When Lawson is down you expect double digits.

Nene Hilario (7.4/10)

Stats: Role will stay the same in the second half.

Second Half Outlook: Nene cannot shake the injury bug.  He has looked great at times, but before you know it he hits the injury report.  The move to PF has helped him so far this season, but there is a chance he moves to center since the team has gotten very deep at the SG/SF/PF spot with the potential emergence of Jordan Hamilton.

Danilo Gallinari (6.1/10)

Stats: Role will go down in the second half as the Nuggets get deeper.

Second Half Outlook: Danilo is expected back shortly after the All-Star Break.  He can bring you nice 3PTM, but most importantly great scoring.  The Nuggets do have Wilson Chandler coming back as well which could create a rotation.  Danilo should still get his PT as he has Dirk Nowitzki potential written all over him.

Aaron Afflalo (6.5/10)

Stats: Role will go down in the second half as the Nuggets get deeper.

Second Half Outlook: Afflalo has stepped it up as of late, but to expect him to continue this the whole season is unlikely.  Aaron is due to lose a lot of PT when Wilson Chandler joins the team.  The team is deep as is with Corey Brewer/Rudy Fernandez part of the Afflalo rotation.  To add Chandler and Galinari means it is unlikely he still have the same impact on the offense.

Al Harrington (6.6/10)

Stats: Role will go down in the second half as the Nuggets get deeper.

Second Half Outlook: Al Harrington will explode with a big game off the bench about once every week or two.  With the Nuggets adding more depth soon, it will be harder for Harrington to get his numbers.  However if you need a forward that should grab consistent double digit scoring than Al is your guy.


Wilson Chandler (6.6/10)

Stats: Inconsistent good option.

Second Half Outlook: Chandler has a lot of fantasy potential, but historically he is an inconsistent option.  With the Nuggets looking deeper than ever it is going to be hard to get good consistent minutes.  However the Nuggets did not grab Chandler for nothing and he should see near 30 Minutes consistently.



Danny Granger (8.8/10)

Stats: Numbers will stay the same as Granger gets his.

Second Half Outlook: Granger still is putting up his numbers despite all the added and developing talent.  There are not many forwards who can do what Granger does which makes him a special talent.  As long as he is out there, he will be productive at a high level.

Darren Collison (7.2/10)

Stats: Collison numbers are due for a decrease as George Hill takes his spot.

Second Half Outlook: Collison is not a consistent fantasy option when George Hill is active.  Now that Hill is back, Collison can be expected for a handful of assists and near double digit scoring.  He is not a safe play, and the Pacers wish they did not indulge in the one year wonder.

Paul George (8/10)

Stats: Numbers will go up as George gets more comfortable as a starter in the NBA.

Second Half Outlook: Paul George is one of the most underrated players in fantasy.  He racks up steals, he knocks down 3PTM, and if he isn’t doing those two things he will make up for it another way.  Paul’s fantasy value would be higher if the team had one less offensive weapon.

Roy Hibbert (8.2/10)

Stats: Numbers will go up as Hibbert is starting to gain a lot more confidence in his game.

Second Half Outlook:  Hibbert flashed enough potential in his 30 Point game this week to get everyone excited for what the second half holds.  However the Pacers are a team that have a lot of shooting options.  Hibbert should still be good for his 14 Points, 10 Rebounds but there is a chance we get an upgraded version.

David West (7.8/10)

Stats: Numbers will go up as he becomes a bigger factor in the offense.

Second Half Outlook: West is starting to shoot the ball as frequently as he was in his prime.  That is good news for his fantasy owners.  But the situation could get murky since the team has so many scoring options, and someone like Hibbert or George are due to increase in value.

Tyler Hansbrough (5.9/10)

Stats: Role will stay the same unless an injury to Hibbert or West occurs.

Second Half Outlook: Hansbrough is a nice double-double machine.  If he had the chance to ever get minutes.  The Pacers are in love with their big men combo of West and Hibbert leaving Hansbrough with little playing time.

George Hill (5.5/10)

Stats: Role should increase as the Pacers realizes Hill is the better player.

Second Half Outlook: George Hill has potential to be a nice fantasy option, but he will most likely split minutes with Darren Collison.



Brandon Knight (7.8/10)

Stats: Role will increase once the Pistons are eliminated.

Second Half Outlook: Knight is a good upside guard who should get more minutes as the season continues.  He has shown flashes of excellence, but he has also disappointed as a fantasy option at times.  When the Pistons get eliminated from the playoffs, Knight should be at his finest.

Greg Monroe (8.8/10)

Stats: Role will increase as he gets touches consistently the rest of the season.

Second Half Outlook: Monroe has really taken the steps nesscary to be a dominant center in fantasy basketball.  The 20 Point, 10 Rebound games have been coming more frequently than we can imagine.  I expect them to keep coming as the Pistons continue to see what their future really holds.

Rodney Stuckey (7.5/10)

Stats: Role will decrease a little as the Pistons get ready for Gordon to play a bigger role.

Second Half Outlook: Stuckey has had a second chance of life these past few weeks when it appeared his fantasy value was heading straight down.  With the Pistons heading towards elimination it will be interesting to see if they continue to roll Stuck 30+ Minutes, or lean towards getting Gordon more time.  Either way Stuckey is a good, but not great fantasy options.

Ben Gordon (7.1/10)

Stats: Role will increase as Gordon shows the Pistons they have a legit scoring option.

Second Half Outlook: B.Gord is offense in a bottle that is waiting to get released.  His potential for 20+ Point games every night is very relevant.  The Pistons prefer him to come off the bench and fire at will which makes him a viable guard.  I do expect the Pistons to figure out more ways to get him in the game as he brings them a real chance at being a better offensive team.

Tayshaun Prince (7.5/10)

Stats: Role will decrease unless he gets traded.

Second Half Outlook: Prince is one of those players who are playing for the wrong team.  His fantasy value is great as a Piston because he sees so much playing time.  With the Pistons heading towards elimination it could turn into a situation where they go towards Austin Daye to close out the season.

Austin Daye (5.8/10)

Stats: Role will increase once the Pistons are eliminated.

Second Half Outlook: Daye could be a top 15 forward option in fantasy if he got the chance to play full time.  Eventually that time will come and you will have wished he was on your fantasy roster.  Right now he is a headache to own, but in a month+ he should be a must-start option.



Jose Calderon (7.8/10)

Stats: Role will decrease as the Raptors head a different direction with him.

Second Half Outlook: Calderon is a solid assist machine.  The bad news is he could get traded to a different team and have a lesser role, or potentially lose minutes to Bayless.  Either way Calderon has resurged his fantasy value, and if there was a great time to trade him.  It would be now.

Jerryd Bayless (6.8/10)

Stats: Role will increase as the Raptors want to see what they have with Jerryd.

Second Half Outlook:  If Calderon gets traded Bayless would be close to a must-start option.  His offensive talent is top notch, and the Raptors will need a guy that can change the way their team is playing.  Bayless has shown enough potential where he should not be a Free Agent in a majority of leagues.

DeMar DeRozan (7.5/10)

Stats: Role will decrease once Andrea is back.

Second Half Outlook: DeRozan is another Raptor who has shown glimpses of high potential, only to show that he is very inconsistent.  Lately he has been on the hot side, but that could come to an end when Bargnani comes back and DeRozan becomes less of a go-to-threat.

Andrea Bargnani (6.7/10)

Stats: Role will be the same as he is the face of the franchise.

Second Half Outlook: Bargs was consistently scoring around 20 Points a game before the injury bug hit him twice.  With his return supposed to be shortly after the ASB, Bargs can be expected to retain his role as the best player on his team.

James Johnson (6.5/10)

Stats: Role will increase when the Raptors feel confident giving him full time minutes.

Second Half Outlook: James Johnson has shown us time and time again that he has Gerald Wallace 2.0 potential.  The bad news is Linas Kleiza should be back shortly which will directly cut into the PT of James.  However his blocks/steals combo is too high to ignore, and should be added in a majority of leagues.  If he consistently got 30+ Minutes a night he would be a close to a must-start option in a majority of leauges.

Amir Johnson (6.4/10)

Stats: Role will decrease when Andrea returns.

Second Half Outlook: Amir is a solid player who may never get the PT he deserves playing for the Raptors.  With Bargs coming back soon, Amir will have to compete with him and Ed Davis for playing time.  Those are not good chances to be a consistent fantasy contributor.

Ed Davis (5.7/10)  

Stats: Role will decrease when Andrea returns.

Second Half Outlook: Read Amir Johnson’s situation.  Same scenario, but one spot behind Johnson on the depth chart.  Not a good scenario for the high upside Denis Rodman type player.

Linas Kleiza (5.8/10)

Stats: Role will decrease as the Raptors realize Kleiza is not their future.

Second Half Outlook: Kleiza could be a great scorer in fantasy basketball if he was on the right team.  The Raptors are very deep, and expecting 20+ Minutes a night is all you can expect.  He was playing 30+ before the ankle injury, but when you fall on the Raptors depth chart you will lose playing time in a hurry.



Kevin Martin (7.9/10)

Stats: Role will increase as the Rockets feel more confident with their star.

Second Half Outlook: Kev Mart has been far more inconsistent than his fantasy owners would have hoped for.  He started the season slow, then started to pick it up, ended up on the bench, and now playing like his vintage self.  When Martin is on his game he can score, knock down 3PTM and get steals while helping your FT% with the best of them.  Continue to hold onto the high upside guard.

Kyle Lowry (8.4/10)

Stats: Role will increase as the Rockets feel comfortable giving the keys to Lowry.

Second Half Outlook: Jason Kidd 2.0 had a pretty solid 1st half.  There were times where he played like the player everyone was afraid to draft, but for the most part he was racking up all the categories like a star.  He ended up being the starting PG for the West in the fantasy basketball game,

Samuel Dalembert (6.5/10)

Stats: Role will decrease as Jordan Hill is sure to get his chances this season.

Second Half Outlook: Samuel’s season has been on a roller coaster as well.  There was a stretch where he looked like a top 15 center, only to go back to one that could have been on your waiver wire.  Lately he has been seeing his minutes again, which means rebounds and blocks galore.

Luis Scola (7.5/10)

Stats: Role will stay the same as he is a cornerstone for this team.

Second Half Outlook: Scola is a solid forward with 20-10 potential.  The problem is the Rockets have too many people that want to pad their rebound stats so Scola usually ends up with around 5 per game.  On top of that his scoring has not been consistent and 15 is more a likely number to expect.

Chandler Parsons (6.7/10)

Stats: Role will decrease if Chase Budinger starts shooting lights out.

Second Half Outlook: Out of the “Triangle Slash”, Parsons seems to be the safest fantasy option down the stretch.  He may not score a lot of points, but he can do all the other things Luke Walton wishes he could do.  Steals, Assists, Rebounds, maybe even a 3PTM, Parsons can sort of do it all at a very low volume.



Manu Ginobili (8.1/10)

Stats: Role will increase once he gets healthy and starts getting 30+ Minutes.

Second Half Outlook: Manu cannot shake the injury bug and just as it appeared he was going to be healthy.  He is out another couple of weeks with the quad injury.  Ginobili has the potential to be a must-start fantasy option, but so far it is hard to trust the Argentinean to be full strength.  Hold onto him and hope for the best.

Tony Parker (8.6/10)

Stats: Role will decrease once Ginobili is back at full strength.

Second Half Outlook: Parker has seen his fantasy value take a huge leap this season with no George Hill on the roster.  It also helped that the Spurs lost Ginobili and needed Parker to step up big time and be a huge contributor.  He looks enriched to be a great fantasy option down the stretch, but he could lose some value once Ginobili gets back to his 30+ Minutes per game.

Tim Duncan (8/10)

Stats: Role will decrease as the Spurs play more game, Duncan will find more time to rest.

Second Half Outlook: Duncan has showed the fountain of youth is a real thing.  Somehow, Duncan has been able to play back-to-backs, he has been able to play 30+ Minutes pretty regularly, but most importantly he has found a way to be a relevant big man in fantasy.  As long as Duncan is out there, he should be starting in all fantasy leagues.  The schedule does start to get more condescend, which could lead to DNP’s.  I would worry about that when the Spurs clinch a playoff spot.

Tiago Splitter (6.6/10)

Stats: Role will increase as the Spurs schedule gets more compact, more PT will be available.

Second Half Outlook: Splitter has the potential to be a great starting option in fantasy leagues.  But the truth is he is going to buried on the bench and play inconsistent minutes.  The Spurs have a lot of games coming back which could force Duncan to miss some time.  But besides that happening or a Blair injury, Splitter will have little fantasy value.


Richard Jefferson (6.5/10)

Stats: Role will decrease once Ginobili is healthy.

Second Half Outlook: Jefferson is all 3PTM.  Besides that category he would not be a worthwhile start in any fantasy league.  When Ginobili is healthy, expect Leonard and Jefferson to share a lot of minutes.




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