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The Championship has three days left.  We are already starting to see teams bench star players like Indiana did tonight.  I want to make sure you guys win your fantasy championship, ask all questions you have.

There is no point of reading all my analysis all season long, and then not asking questions when it comes down to the wire.  A lot of you want to live on your own, but it does not hurt to get my two cents.  I have been writing fantasy basketball articles daily all season long.  I notice the trends, and I want to make sure you guys are on your A game for the last three days of the NBA.


Players who play on the last Thursday, you will have to check in with another article.  Playoff standings can also change for Wednesday, so stay tuned for that.  This is just looking at potential players who are going to play big minutes Tuesday.




#1. Charles Jenkings. PG. Warriors

With Nate Robinson Day-to-Day, it is very possible his season ends soon.  If that were to happen, then Jenkins will get the green light to close out the season and build off of his 22 FG attempt, 24 Points, 9 Assists, and 6 Rebounds.  His potential is huge, and the Warriors lack any true consistent options outside of Klay Thompson.  Keep an eye on Nate Robinson’s status heading into the game.


#2. Brandon Rush. SG/SF/PF. Warriors.

If Dorrel Wright misses Tuesday game, then you must play Brandon Rush.  Rush  has easy 20 Point potential, and you can guarntee he will see enough minutes to make it happen.  In his last game he had 19 Points, 9 Rebounds, and a block.  We all know he can drain 3PTM, and he will help you in every category at the same time.  Keep an eye on Dorrel Wright’s status heading into the game.


#3. Al-Farouq Aminu. SF. Hornets

Now that the season is over for the Hornets, they decided to go with Al-Farouq as a starter the last 8 games.  In those 8 games he is averaging over 33 Minutes/game, and most importantly 2.15 Steals.  That is MVP defensive numbers right there.  He is a must-add if you need the steals, he also has scored in double digits 50% of the time, while grabbing 6 Rebounds and a little less than a block a game.


#4. Marvin Williams. SF/PF. Hawks

Call if a fluke, call it whatever you want.  But in his last game he had 29 Points, 11 Rebounds, 1 Steal, and 3 Blocks.  The Hawks decided to go with a small lineup to match the Knicks, and they found out that their best offensive weapon for a team struggling to score points was on their bench this whole time.  Of course that is an overstatement, but we could potentially see something similar with Kevin Garnett slated to start at Center.


#5. Avery Bradley. SG. Celtics

Bradley has a lot of potential to be a 20 Point game scorer.  But with Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett ready to play Tuesday, I would not feel so confident using Bradley.  He should still get his FG attempts, but it is very unlikely he matches his 22 FG attempts, and 28 Points.  It is possible he reaches those 4 steals again, so that makes him worth the risk.


#6. Jason Smith. C/PF. Hornets

If you are looking for a tall white 7 footer to shoot mid-range jumpers.  Jason Smith is your guy.  He has a great chance of seeing over 30 Minutes in every start, and on top of that he has 20-10 potential with blocks.  However the downside is, if he has a bad game, the leash is quick for him as Carl Landry can take over.


#7. Shane Battier.  SF. Heat

3PTM and Steals.  As long as Bosh and Wade remain out, Battier will help you in both categories.  He had 5 steals in his last game, and he could be big two more times.  He is not a great offensive player, but he can get you around 10 Points a game.  Check to see if Bosh, Wade, and Chalmers are all out.

#8. Norris Cole. PG. Heat

If Mario Chalmers, Wade, and Bosh all miss the Heat game on Tuesday.  Norris Cole is a must-own player.  He was the talk of the waiver wire in the first week of the season, in which I told everyone to avoid.  Now he has the chance to build off of his 37 minute start where he put up 16 Points, 4 Assists, and 7/15 shooting.  Cole is a baller.  Check to see if Bosh, Wade, and Chalmers are all out.


#9. Udonis Haslem. PF/C. Heat

Rebounds. Rebounds. Rebounds.  As long as Chris Bosh keeps being weak by missing games with bumps & bruises.  Then Haslem should take over and be big.  He is the #2 option in that offense when it is just him and Lebron.  Check to see if Bosh is out.


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