Welcome BEAST DOME NATION to the year 2017. Happy New Year.

2016 was a successful year ranging from Matt Ryan to Mark Trumbo, you can read it all in Make BEAST DOME GREAT AGAIN.

Going to throw out some more videos in 2017 and give you insight on Daily Fantasy Sports, right now specifically Basketball as we gear up towards the crucial stretch run of the NBA season.

If you want my Fantasy Football Playoff Predictions as well as Daily Fantasy Rosters for the Fantasy Playoffs




The highlight game I am going to look at is the Houston Rockets hosting the OKC Thunder. Everytime these two teams face off it seems to be a National TV game, and once again the same holds true as it opens up the TNT Double Header. Both teams are due to break the scoreboard, but are both James Harden and Russell Westbrook MUST Fantasy Plays in the DFS world.

First of all the FanDuel NBA Championship has been announced, tomorrow is Day 1 and I will be out and ready to gain my seat right out of the gate.

As far as Westbrook vs. Harden, you have to look at matchups. Russell Westbrook will likely/definitely see Patrick Beverly. Beverly is the kind of player that has had this game marked on his calendar since the NBA schedules have come out. You can guarantee Beverly will play the hardest defense you will ever see him play, on top of that the Thunder are showing no true wing scoring option. Yes Victor Oladipo at the off guard is doing his thing, and we may see Ariza creep over to that matchup as much as possible while the Rockets hide Harden on Roberson or Grant.

Westbrook will be seeing a lot of different coverage, and even if Russell Westbrook gets a 3×2, which he usually always will. On a large slate like tonight, he is not a strong play. In order for Westbrook to work on your roster, you are going to have to call some deep sleepers to work out in your favor.

With James Harden being the same price as Westbrook, and less likely to get the 3×2 as well as shoot the ball nearly as much as the Rockets should have mismatches everywhere.

It is a trick question and neither will be on my GPP Rosters for Thursday.

If you want to join the full Muntradamus Basketball Experience this season, signup for the NBA DAILY BEAST Package. Tuesday night took home 4th Place in a GPP Tournament of over 11,000 entries and finished in the top 200 of a tournament over 117K entries. All information can be found on


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