Fantasy Basketball BEAST or BUST: A Refueled Jet is on the Waiver Wire (Week 14)

Fantasy Basketball BEAST or BUST:

A Refueled Jet is on the Waiver Wire (Week 14)


By Muntradamus



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Once again last weeks Waiver Wire special has some of the most popular players up for discussion this week like Derrick Williams.  Always stay a Week ahead of the league with the BEAST or BUST.







Unless you live under a Fantasy Rock.  Rajon Rondo is out for the season.  Which means the 3-man rotation of Avery Bradley/Courtney Lee/ and Jason Terry.  Now will all get more PT.

They all have their perks to them, and all of them are good adds.  But Jason Terry has by far the best long-term potential.  Bradley nor Lee can handle the ball like a true PG, and Leandro Barbosa has not earned the trust of the coaching staff to handle the reigns.  However if Barbosa starts getting hot, he is a player that can easily be a diference maker in all leagues.

For now, the Celtics will rely on Pierce bringing the ball up a lot, but as soon as Terry enters the game.  He is not only the PG, he will be having the ball in his hands a lot to give Pierce some time to breathe as a Wing Player.

Long Term: BEAST. Jason Terry was not a great players all these years for nothing.  Now that his time is really coming to step up and lead the Celtics, there is no reason to think he is not only up for the challenge, but ready to dominate it.



The next generation of scorers, Alan Anderson is coming off the bench for Toronto and playing like a superstar as a player who can consistently approach 20 Points a night.  While Landry Fields and DeMar DeRozan really stand in his way for consistent playing time, he is a great add in 14 Team Leagues.

Long Term, his situation is not so great.  Terrence Ross is also a budding offensive superstar coming off the bench, Kyle Lowry is another superstar coming off the bench.  Andrea Bargnani will be coming off the bench soon, another player who is instant offense.  The Raptors are stacked with good players, no hurry to add Alan now.

Long Term: more BUST than BEAST.  The future looks bright for Anderson, he will need a new team or injuries to really showcase his talents on a Fantasy Level.



Ersan has been a scoring machine.  Similar to his days last season.  There is no doubt that he should not only be owned in all Fantasy Leagues, but he should be starting in all Fantasy Leagues as well.  Ilysova has potential to be an easy 20 Point/8 Rebound per game type of forward.  Think LaMarcus Aldridge without the consistency.  While his game is at the highest level now than it will be all season, he is also a player that the Bucks need to carry them.

Ersan is a scorer and a much better option than Luis Scola more often than not these days.  Start playing him like one.

Long Term: BEAST.



While Alexey Shved is out, the T-Wolves are incredibly thin at the Guard position.  So much so that Luke Ridnour is becoming a full-time starter at the position playing heavy minutes.  What this has led to is another J.J. Barea outbreak, a player that can easily play like a 1st round pick when he gets the minutes.  Barea is a sexy selection if you want to take a chance on a sleeper to lead your team for a Week.  Once Alexey Shved returns, the decline on Barea will begin.

For now, enjoy the low-end Triple Double potential.

Long Term: more BUST than BEAST.  When the Wolves are thin at Guard, J.J. is a BEAST.  When he is backing up Rubio and Ridnour as the #3 PG who they will find about 15-19 Minutes for, he is too risky of a selection to start.  For now, ride out the wave.



Dion Waiters is one of the best pure scorers in this Rookie Class.  With a promotion to the starting lineup, Dion will get even more guaranteed playing time. As well as the chance to showcase his skills with more rhythm.  The Cavs need him to be productive, Fantasy Owners should be willing to accept the possibility for a 20 Point Per Game scorer is there.  It may not happen this season, but that potential is real.  As long as Dion is starting, Dion should be added on all Fantasy Rosters as he can be a huge asset come Fantasy Playoff time.

Long Term: more BEAST than BUST.  Dion will have some rough games getting adjusted to being a full-time starter again, as well as the presence of Wayne Ellington on the bench.  Still, Dion has huge potential to get comfortable with his game and be a force down the stretch of the season.



Making it Rain.

Nick Young has a stroke that you can put on a Wheaties box it’s so pretty.  Inconsistency has always been a problem for Nick whether it was with Washington or the Clippers.  Nick is a talented scorer, and with Jason Richardson injured with a knee that has sidelined him a few separate occasions this season.  It is time to add the rain man Nick Young.

There is no timetable on the return for Jason Richardson as of now, and there is likely a chance that he will get injured again even when he does come back.  When J-Rich is out, Nick Young can be a player that drop 20 Points with 4 3PTM.

Long Term: More BUST than BEAST.  While Nick Young will be a BEAST in the 3PTM category more often than not, he is also a player that will go through inconsistent dry spells while on the bench.  When J-Rich is out he is a nice spot start.  For now, throw him on the bench.



Bismack is playing to the potential all MaddenArena members remember.  The man can straight up host a Block Party, and your fantasy team is invited when he is hot.  With Byron Mullens returning sooner than later, Bismack’s value will be at it’s highest now before it takes a dip.

Once Mullens returns, Bismack will be the first player to take a hit in the rotation, even though this time around it would make sense to play Byron exclusively at PF to not only keep him healthy, but Hakim Warrick, Jeff Adrien, and Tyrus Thomas have all been performing well enough to the point where none of them is Fantasy Worth.  That is me being sarcastic.

LONG TERM: more BUST than BEAST.  While I want to believe it is Bismack’s time to be the BEAST we all know he is.  The Bobcats are simply a guard dominated team, and these guards like to shoot the ball often.  The only way Bismack will get offensive production is through his offensive rebounding.  With Mullens entering the picture, that’s another big man who will shoot the ball more than Bi.


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