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By Muntradamus


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When you have the 1st pick in the NBA Draft, it should be pretty obvious who you are going to take this season.

You have the opportunity to draft possibly the greatest player who has ever played the game, and continues to get better every single season. You have the opportunity to take a player who fills the stat sheet in every category, from 3PTM, to Blocks/Steals, to Assists/Rebounds and could lead the NBA in points per game.

The obvious #1 Pick in Fantasy Basketball this season, is Lebron James.

With Kyrie Irving rushing his return off of knee surgery, clearly will not be the same player this season. Which is why the Cavs reached out for Mo Williams. Even Kevin Love coming off of a shoulder injury which in my opinion was a VERY Dirty play from Kelly Olynk. The Cavs are going to need Lebron James to be the Finals MVP Lebron James throughout the Regular Season if they want homecourt advantage during the playoffs.

Even though Andre Iguodala was the Finals MVP last season, Lebron James should of won the award despite his Cavs not winning the championship. Without his historic 40+ Points with triple double numbers, the Warriors would have easily swept the Cavs.

Despite all this, the Sheep are telling you Lebron James is not even worth a Top 5 Pick?


Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 7.33.03 AM


Sure the 25 Points/12 Rebounds are great to go with some nice steal/block numbers. He is still a pretty fragile player considering he always gets beat up when he bangs with the bigs. There is no doubt he is a special talent, but he is still not better than Lebron James. Much rather get the assists/3PTM while getting more points, and take a small hit in the Blocks department which can easily be made up later.


Love Steph as a player there are probably only a couple of players who can handle the ball like him, and none of them can drain 3PT shots like him. Despite that, he is not a more dominant Fantasy player than LBJ. Curry is nice, but there are a lot of games where he goes for 18 Points/7 Assists. Those are 3rd/4th Round numbers, much rather get all the all-around Lebron James.


When the Rockets brought in Ty Lawson, that just means one more person to take away Harden’s assist numbers. While Harden will have to do less work in bringing the ball up the court, there is no doubt Harden will lose something in the assist category. Without the assists, Harden is just a better Klay Thompson. I am not going to spend my #1 overall pick on Harden with Lebron still in the game.


KD is an amazing player to own, at this point he is too fragile to consider drafting unless he falls a little. Durant can score at will, he can also go down at will with any injury as that guy is as thick as a walking stick. While I would be fine drafting KD if he fell to me at #4, I would still rather have Lebron all day any day. Durant will get you more 3PTM, Lebron will give you more of everything else.


If I had the #2 Pick in the draft, and I lost out on Lebron who went #1. I would no doubt go for Russell Westbrook who is the 2nd most electric player in the NBA. Nobody besides Lebron gets up and down the court like Westbrook. He will shoot a ton of 3PT Shots, he will get his assists, he even gets rebounds and blocks for a PG. Westbrook does it all, similar to Lebron. Still would go Lebron over Westbrook since it is impossible to find a Forward who will get assist numbers like Lebron with everything else.


CP3 is nice and should lead the NBA in assists no problem. I would take Chris Paul over James Harden on this list and it is really 50/50 if I would go CP3 or Steph Curry, in the end you know exactly what you are getting from CP3 this season, which is not a bad thing, but you have to hit on your next few picks to make sure you win that championship since CP3 is pretty 1 dimensional these days as he will not score 20+ Points like he used too.


Maybe only Durant/Harden/Davis will score more points than Lebron. Lebron will get more assists than all of those guys. He will get more Rebounds/Steals/Blocks than Durant and Harden, but hit less 3PT shots. He will get more Assists/3PT than Anthony Davis, but lose some in the Rebound/Blocks Department. In the end, I want the best player in the NBA, and the best player this season is Lebron James.



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