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Just to remind us of the good old days when baseball players were heroes and the World Series was MUST WATCH around the USA. You should play this video just to go back in time for a moment.

Major League Baseball. What started out as a sport that everyone hated more than anything in 2020 as the owners and players could not get together to distract the world from the virus. When there was a season, too much damage had been done and not enough people cared. However without Baseball, who knows if we would of had Football. The fact Baseball got through the entire season and was able to adjust to the breakouts, it laid out a great framework for the NFL on how to handle the situation.


The Rays are not the team America needed in the World Series. It had to be an Astros vs. Dodgers rematch. Had to be. Who would not want to watch that?

Now we have a Rays team that I would personally hate to play on if I was a Major League hitter. One day you are playing, one day you are not. It feels like the Rays have two completely different lineups. This actually bodes very well for them as the Dodgers pitching staff is not as good as advertised.

Yes, Kershaw is pitching lights out as of late, forget the 6th INN last series against Atlanta. He has been dynamite beside one INN. He will silent the Rays bats in Game 1, and it is big he is pitching Game 1 which means he should be able to get three starts in this series if the Dodgers need it.

Walker Buehler should be fine, but this is a tough matchup compared to his cupcake Braves/Padres/Brewers starts. The Rays definitely have guys that can hit him, Walker is capable of pitching a strong game but it will not come easy.

Urias and May will come back to reality, and that bullpen will definitely have tough matchups as I mentioned above, the Rays have two different hitting lineups. Both hitting lineups would be as strong as most playoff teams in the National League.

For the Rays, they have relied on their great starting pitchers. However those great starters are now facing plate discipline instead of power swingers, like Houston and New York. The Dodgers hitters are so good from top to bottom, it is nearly impossible to pitch a strong game against this team. Plate approach is everything, Dodgers are masters at the craft. Especially in Texas where mistake pitchers are hammered.

Glasnow has to be perfect, and that is something that has always been his problem, consistency. Charlie Morton can pitch a strong game, but stamina and making the perfect pitch time after time is not something he is amazing at either. Blake Snell is not the same pitcher from last year, can hardly last 5 INN these days. With that being said the Dodgers do not hit lefties well, so Snell has to come through in this series for the Rays stay close.

The Dodgers have too many spark plugs in their lineup to run away with this series at any time. Bellinger seems to be HOT after the HUGE HR in Game 7. Do not forget he was 2nd in the MVP race last year. If Mookie Betts gets going, it is over from there as they have too many bats that can bring him home. Seager is playing his best baseball, Justin Turner is turning into the Greek God of Singles and Walks. Muncy is feeling hot, Smith is feeling hot. All of them besides Mookie went deep in the last series.


6 GAMES. Urias and Buehler each lose a game.


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