Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire: Pain Train with Lorenzo Cain

Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire: Pain Train with Lorenzo Cain

By Muntradamus



Looking for the latest waiver wire players that can help you with their bats?  See who Muntradamus shines a light on as we head into the home stretch of two more months.  To see the latest waiver wire articles, that told you to add Todd Frazier, Carlos Villanueva, and Ben Sheets, click the link.


If you are looking for a pitcher, I recommend reading this article.





Stats as of 7/22: .278 Average. 10 HR. 31 RBI. 25 Runs. 1 SB.

The player who I highlighted in my projected 2nd half waiver wire all-stars is already clinching his spot at 3B.  With Joey Votto going down, Frazier becomes an everyday player with monster potential.  Add him in all leagues as he can easily be a top 10 3B option on any given week.  Consistent average with great power is what you should expect.



Stats as of 7/22: .318 Average. 0 HR. 1 RBI. 3 SB. (6 Games).

Crawford is showing that he may not have the power he once had with the shoulder injury.  But his legs are fine, and getting hits is not a problem.  Crawford with his speed alone could the top SB threat in baseball, and now is a good time to make sure you can get him in every league before it is too late.  The 3 SB game he had earlier this week is just the beginning of what he is really capable of.



Stats as of 7/22: .326 Average. 2 HR. 10 RBI. 7 Runs. (14 Games).

In Lorenzo’s last 5 games he has 2 HRs and 7 RBIs.  This is no fluke as Lorenzo has had potential to be a star all along, and after injuries he is finally showcasing his skills.  He is doing so well that the Royals have already promoted him to cleanup hitter (4th) in the order.  The Royals are one of the more fun showcase teams in baseball, and Lorenzo is proving they are going to have a great future.  Add Cain with the chance of having a fantasy player who will steal bases as well as give you solid power consistently.  Cain is hitting .419 since coming off the DL in the 2nd half.





Stats as of 7/22: .251 Average. 10 HR. 41 RBI. 40 Runs. 3 SB.

Boesch started the season with 20 HR/80 RBI potential, only to show us that he is equal to about 3 quarters of that.  Now he is starting to pick it with 2 HRs and 11 RBIs in his last 11 games.  The Tigers are the type of offense that could turn ELITE, and Boesch is the guy in the back of the order to clean up with RBIs.  Now is a good time to ride him out.



Stats as of 7/22: .293 Average. 6 HR. 20 RBI. 17 Runs. 4 SB.

Jordany was not only the top Free Agent 2B in nearly every league this week with 2 HRs.  He was the top 2B in all of fantasy baseball for week 16.  The Mets do not play him consistently everyday, but when that starts happening you can expect him to reach the next level on this list.  He was one of the nominees for top 2B Free Agent option in the 2nd half, and he is quickly showing us why.



Stats as of 7/22: .200 Average. 4 HR. 11 RBI. 8 Runs. 1 SB.

If you are looking for one more Trevor Plouffe story, Flaherty is about as close as you will get.  At 6’3 210, Ryan is not a small player so the power could surprisingly be there.  With Robert Andino out for another few weeks, Ryan will get every last chance he can handle to be a quality fantasy option.



Stats as of 7/22: .306 Average. 1 HR. 21 RBI. 23 Runs. 4 SB.

Consistent playing time is starting to show up for a guy we expect way more power out of.  Especially playing in Coors field.  If Pacheco continues to see the playing time he needs, Jordan can move up a list with ease.



Stats as of 7/22: .364 Average. 7 HR. 18 RBI. 17 Runs. 6 SB.

Justin is looking great hitting around .370 with good power/speed numbers for someone who was on the bench a lot this season.  With Giancarlo Stanton injured, and apparently on the Marlins trading block.  Justin all of a sudden looks more like a safe long-term option than a player who is going to help out your team short-term.




Stats as of 7/22: .304 Average. 0 HR. 16 RBIs. 44 Runs. 7 SB.

If you want a guy utility guy with no power and decent speed, Bloomquist is your guy.  The Diamondbacks use Willie everywhere in their lineup, and you will end up doing the same if players get injured.  The 0 HRs is a problems, but the batting average above .300 looks good.  Consistent playing time will be there as long as he keeps hitting.

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