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Many of you may find that your starting pitching staff needs some help. Either you invested too much into your hitting early on, or maybe you feel like you may have a few Bust picks based on my Rankings. If you want to get a pitcher for cheap which both of my teams will be doing, Colin McHugh is the right price.

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McHugh was a pitcher who really struggled his first three years of his MLB Career as he was never able to find an ERA below 7.50 as he would be nothing more than a spot starter for the Mets and Rockies.

In 2014 McHugh went to the Astros where he made a career high 24 Starts and finished the season with a 2.73 ERA to go with a 1.03 WHIP. The best statistic of them all was the 157K in the 154 INN which showed this guy is the full package.

In 2015 McHugh won 19 Games while posting an ERA over 3.80. The Strikeout total was still nice with 170K in 200+ INN, and McHugh seemed poised for a Huge 2016 as he enters his prime 28 Years Old. The Astros possess one of the best offenses in the AL, and the AL West which was once dominated by the Angels appears ready to lose their throne for good as the Astros continue to thrive forward. You already know Colin McHugh will BEAST the Athletics whenever those matchups come.

McHugh got rocked in his first start of 2016 and did not even last a full INN against the Yankees. Let us first remember anything can happen in that small Yankee Ball Park, and now McHugh has an ERA listed at 135.00 and a WHIP of 15.00. Of course these numbers will not be like this once he jumps on the mound again, but now is a good time to buy a stud pitcher at a huge discount. Since McHugh does not have the longest track record, now is the time to Buy Low.


The easy move is to trade Anibal Sanchez straight up. Despite the fact that Anibal seems like a much more attractive player based on name/team/history, McHugh is the Future young gun and once Anibal gets blown up by a team, you will remember why you got him so late.

If Anibal does not work for McHugh, I will try trading a backup player along with Anibal. Someone like J.J. Hardy and Anibal Sanchez for Colin McHugh. Now I understand many of you do not own Anibal, but if you can grab a pitcher on your roster that is in that range, you have yourself a steal.

If the trade is Rejected. McHugh goes up against the Tigers and Royals next week. If he struggles in those starts which is possible, McHugh and his value will fall even further. Throw out the weak trade offer now, see if the other owner bites. If Rejected and McHugh does struggle next week, the Stud will be yours soon.

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