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We Want Moore! We Want Moore! (VOL. VII)


By Andrew Levy


Hello everyone and welcome to another week of “Where my swag at!”. The weekly article that takes a look at struggling players and I try to reverse the curse and give a little push to get them out of whatever funk, hitting or pitching, they are in.

It looks like I am sticking with the theme, “Lets try and get the Dodger players out of the funk they are in.”  Before we get into that, let us take a look at the best calls I have made this season.




(DAY I CALLED HIM OUT 4/21): .059 Average. 0 HR. 4 RBI. 2 SB

(STATS AS OF 6/10): .179 Average. 6 HR. 19 RBI. 4 SB.  Now DL.




STATS AS OF 5/13:  3.44 ERA/1.41 WHIP/(1-5)/33 K (49 1/3 INN)

STATS AS OF 6/10: 2.87 ERA/1.20 WHIP/(3-6)/60 K (78 1/3) INN)


As I said I am sticking with the Dodgers theme and trying to get them out of the slump. I have already written about Matt Kemp and Josh Beckett. This week I move into the infield and discuss Hanley Ramirez. Yes, the Hanley that was so good in Miami but fell out of favor with them. Being on a new team and in a new city, Hanley has a chance to write a new chapter in his career. So you would think he would come out of the gates red hot and show the LA fans that he is worth every penny they traded for him right?



Stats as of 6/10: .350 Average/1 HR/3 RBI/1 SB

Well that hasn’t happened. Hanley has only played in 9 games this season (4 Starts).  Yes I said it, 9 games. Now in the 9 games he does have a .350 BA. That is the only good part. He has 1HR and 3 RBI on the season. Now I am not taking into account all the time he has spent on the DL, but doesn’t that make it worse?

Hanley needs to show why they traded for him and he needs to produce. Maybe he should take some notes from the Dodgers new phenom Yasiel Puig. If you don’t know who that is by now, just wait till the end of the season when he is the ROY.




You might look at this next player and think he has not lost any swag. He started off the season 8 – 0 but has quickly fallen. The player I a talking about is Tampa’s 2nd ace Matt Moore. Matt Moore started off the season by going 8-0 and was looking like the early favorite to win the AL CY Young Award or at least an All Star Game start. He was a late round draft pick but has paid off for everyone who has drafted him. However as of late he has not been the Matt Moore he was when he started the season.



Stats as of 6/10: 3.78 ERA/(8-2)/1.35 WHIP/64 in 69 INN


In his last 2 starts Moore has been the polar opposite of his earlier self. On 6/4 Moore pitched against Detroit. He lasted only 2 innings. In the 2 innings pitched, he gave up 7 hits with 6 earned runs and 6 walks. The only positive note of that outing was he got 1 K.

No way Moore comes out in his second start of the week and does worse right. Nope, it got worst. In the 5 innings pitched on 6/9, Moore gave up 12 hits and 8 earned runs. He did however lower his walks to 1 and raise his strikeouts to 6. Is this the Matt Moore we have been waiting to see, or can he turn it back around and become the dominant pitcher he was to start the season? We will have to wait and see.




Andrew Levy aka BrooklynBums is an author/contributor of BEAST DOME during the Fantasy Baseball Season.  Andrew is a Die Hard Baseball fan who could talk to you about the game for days.  He is also known to snap players out of funks.

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