Fantasy Baseball: Where Your SWAG At? Vol. IV

Fantasy Baseball: Where Your SWAG At? Vol. IV

By Muntradamus

As Interleague play came to an end this past week we can see which league was the dominant one,the American League with the top 6 Teams overall Interleague-Record (TEX, NYY, LAA, BAL, BOS, DET.) Interleague play has always been fun to watch because you get to see teams that would normally never play one another during the regular season match up and who knows, you could get a glimpse at a potential World Series matchup. On a side note after the Phillies game Cliff Lee still does not have a W on the season.



 Stats as of 6/24: .230 Average. 5 HR. 29 RBI. 2 SB.

This week’s swag-less hitter is the Cleveland Indians fearless catcher Carlos Santana. Santana blew up on the scene last season. He came out of the gate guns blazing which should have been expected because he was one of the best prospects in the Dodger organization but was traded to the Indians for Casey Blake. We can all see how that worked out last season. Santana finished last season with 27 HR and 79 RBI. In long-term fantasy leagues that is keeper status. I’m sure the dodgers were kicking themselves for making that trade and as a full time started last year, for the first time, Santana put on a show.


This season is looking much different then last season for Santana. To this point he has only hit 5 HR and driven in 29 RBI. I have heard of players cooling down but c’mon man. Santana is on pace to only hit 11 HR. he has the potential to turn it around in the second half but we will have to wait and see. The Indians are in first place right now so the slow play of Santana might be looked over by the team but fantasy wise I would still keep him active just to wait and see. Although you might be better off listening to Carlos Santana then paying him.





Stats as of 6/24: 5.74 ERA. (1-7 Record). 1.52 WHIP. 65 K in 64.1 INN.

To quote one of the many funny lines from the movie Elf, “Francisco. That’s fun to say. Francisco”. Francisco might be a funny name to say but nothing is funny about how Francisco Liriano has pitched this season. Liriano had an amazing spring training, which did not carry over into the season. In the spring Liriano had 30+ K, which makes players very attractive in spring training. I fell for it and drafted him around the 10th round. Can we say mistake?


The spring training sparkle did not follow him into the season. He has started off the season with a record of 1-7 with an ERA over 5.00. Liriano lost his spot in the rotation this year because of how poorly he was pitching. Taking him out of the rotation has seemed to have helped a little. In his last 5 starts Liriano has a 1-2 record with a 2.67 ERA. He is showing signs of life but nothing compared to the 14 W and 3.62 ERA he had in 2010. I’m not going to say if you have Liriano drop him, but if you have Liriano drop him.



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